10 Types of Biryani You Must Try in India

Biryani is a tasty, and mouthwatering rice dish that is a welcome treat any time of the day. It is a heavenly delight that comes in many forms around India. In fact, you can learn about the history of India while consuming the tastiest and most popular biryani across the nation. Let’s look at the most popular Indian biryani dishes. 

Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi biryani is an aromatic, savory dish that is sprinkled with rose water, kewda, and saffron. It originated in the court of the Nizam of Hyderabad. The dish is a cross between Murghal biryani and Southern Andhra cuisine. It is extremely spicy and rich because that is the way the people of Murghal liked their food.

It has 2 versions, the pakki (cooked) or kacchi (raw). The pakki style is prepared with cooked basmati rice and meat marinated overnight in spices. It is then layered with golden onions, chilies, mint leaves, and spicy chicken and served.

The kacchi style is made with raw marinated meat (chicken or lamb) and placed between layers of basmati rice that have been infused with saffron, onions, and dried fruit. The dish is slow cooked in a dough-sealed earthen pot over a charcoal fire. The charcoal fire produces an aromatic, rich tasting, spicy biryani.

The taste of both styles are the best when eaten with raita.

Lucknowi Biryani

Lucknowi biryani is also referred to as Avadh biryani, Pukki Biryani, and the king of biryanis. This sumptuous dish is from the streets of Lucknow in the Avadh region. It was introduced by the Murghal royalty who ruled India in the 18th century.    

The dish’s meat (chicken) is infused with spices and partially cooked with saffron, star anise, and cinnamon flavored rice. Its dum pukht cooking style sets it apart from other biryanis. The meat and rice are layered together in a deep-bottomed vessel called a handi. The handi is filled with half-cooked rice and flavored with gravy and fresh spices, pukki style. The handi is then sealed with dough and cooked until the flavor is absorbed by the rice. After cooking for hours, the dish’s flavors deeply penetrate every part of the dish. The marinated chicken is added to the cooked rice before serving. This dish is well known for its full-bodied, mild flavors. It is generally served with boondi raita or onion and tomato raita.

The vegetarian version of this dish is considered to be the most delicious veggie biryani in all of India. It is best when served with ginger raita.

Ambur Biryani

When traveling through India, you must visit Tamil Nadu and experience the South Indian dish Ambur biryani. The dish’s meat (chicken or mutton) is soaked in curd and flavored with coriander and mint. The flavored meat is added to the cooked seeraga samba rice with dried chili paste and whole spices. For a full-blown culinary thrill, add brinjal curry, also called ennai kathirikai as a side dish.

Bhatkali Biryani

Bhatkali biryani is native to the Karnataka coastal area. It is commonly associated with Navayath cuisine. This dish has more onions in it than any other biryani. The dish’s rice and chicken are infused with masala. With every bite, you taste fiery green chilies, sweet sautéed onions, and juicy chunks of chicken. The spiced rice and meat are cooked in an onion gravy and layered just before serving. Notably, no ghee or oil is used in the dish. Strangely enough, the lack of ghee and oil does not adversely affect its tastiness. This is truly a food lover’s delight.

Beary Biryani

Beary biryani was created by the Muslim community in Dakshina Kannada, a coastal area in Karnataka. The dish is light and less spicy than other biryanis. It’s not as spicy or rich as other famous biryanis. It contains mutton, prawns, fish, beef, and chicken. Unlike the Bhatkali biryani, it’s flavored with ghee and other spices. Before serving the dish, it is left out overnight so that its flavors can saturate every part of the dish.

Malabar Biryani

Malabar biryani is made with small-sized jeerakasala rice not basmati rice. It is the perfect fusion of spicy, sweet, salty, sour, and tangy tastes. The contrasting flavors are accentuated by garnishing it with fried onions, sautéed cashew nuts, and raisins. The dish is made with fried chicken wings, steamed rice, turmeric, and mild spices. To finish it off, garnish it with sautéed dry fruit. The dish’s unique combination of flavors makes it one of the most loved dishes in India.

Thalassery Biryani

Thalassery biryani, also called Kozhikode biryani, comes from the Malabar region. It is a sweet and spicy dish. Indigenous rice is used in the dish is generally khyma or jeerasala instead of basmati rice. The indigenous rice is thinner and more fragrant than basmati rice. The rice is mixed with ghee during the dish’s preparation, but no chili powder is used in the dish. The dish’s ingredients include Malabar spices, meat (chicken), fried onions, fennel seeds, sautéed cashew nuts, and raisins. When preparing the dish, the rice is cooked separately from the meat. The two are only combined when the dish is served. Fried onions are added to the dish to make it taste sweeter.

Kalyani Biryani

Kalyani biryani has been nicknamed the ‘poor man’s Hyderabadi biryani’. It comes from Hyderabad and was created during the reign of the Kalyani Nawabs. The dish was initially served to people visiting the territory. However, after the Nawabs lost control of the territory, the dish was preserve by being sold by local food stalls.

It’s made with buffalo meat, an array of spices, coriander, and tomatoes. The dish is flavorful and tangy despite not having the same ingredients as the Hyderabadi biryani. Amazingly, it tastes similar to and has an appealing aroma like the Hyderabadi biryani.

Sindhi Biryani

Sindhi biryani was created in the Sindhi province that is now part of present-day Pakistan. Its rich texture and flavorfulness make this wildly popular. Its enhanced flavors come from the yogurt, potatoes, and tomatoes used in its preparation. You will notice that the dish is also quite colorful, another consequence of the potatoes and tomatoes used in making the dish. 

Sindhi biryani is prepared with generous helpings of finely sliced chilies, roasted spices, mint and coriander leaves, onions, nuts, dried fruit, and sour yogurt. The cooked dish is served with goat meat in a thick curry that is garnished with dry fruit, nuts, onions, plums, onion rings, and other spices. Moreover, the dish’s distinctive taste is primarily due to the goat meat gravy added to it. Overall, the resulting dish’s flavor is piquant and aromatic.

Dindigul Biryani

Dindigul biryani is from Tamil Nadu in the Dindigul Thalapakkati region. This is a popular dish across the Chennai region. Its strong tangy flavor comes from the curd and lemon used in the dish. The dish’s flavoring comes from the curd and lemon mixed with cube-sized meat (mutton or chicken) and the jeera samba rice. Its zesty flavor comes from the pepper in it. Unlike most biryanis, this dish does not use tomato or coconut.


If you are traveling in India or a foodie who loves biryani, delight your taste buds and tummy with some of the most famous and best tasting Indian biryani. Seek out the different flavors of India, so that you can truly experience and appreciate the richness of its food.

If you want to try some lesser-known biryani dishes, you may have to look for smaller kitchens with more specialized dishes. Biryani cloud kitchens are more likely to have lesser well-known and popular biryani dishes than Indian restaurants. The cloud kitchens have fewer expenses, so they don’t have to serve the most popular or well-liked biryani dishes. Take a chance and contact some biryani cloud kitchens and find out what kinds of biryani they serve. If you haven’t tasted all of them, you can do so now.

So, are you ready to get started on this food journey?

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