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Google Pixel 5a Review, Features, and Full Specifications in 2021

Google Pixel 5a 5G

The Google Pixel 5a is nowhere, and it looks and performs similarly to the Google Pixel 4a 5G that came before it. There are a few improvements this time around, but it still feels like a minor update from last year’s model. Google Pixel 5a Review in Brief The Google Pixel 5a 5G smartphone was […]

Guide to Programmable Video and Why Do You Need One?

Online Video Editor

Video is now everywhere, and the average internet user now watches videos on Facebook or YouTube at least once per day. Not only that, but communicating via video calls with apps like Apple Facetime, Skype, or Zoom is now also the norm for many businesses and individuals alike.  With how videos are now an inseparable […]

All You Need To Know About Work Management

Business Management Course

Managing work has always been a challenge for both individuals and businesses. It’s hard enough to manage ourselves to study or perform a task, and managing a team is even more challenging.  Now remote working is becoming standard, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Managing work for both internal and external team members is challenging.  Effective […]

Event Marketing Tips : How to Market Your Events and Get More Attendees

Event Marketing

You’ve spent months planning and organizing your event, you’ve got your dream venue at the ideal date, you’ve booked your speakers and talents, and all sponsors are also secured. What’s left? Now you just need to get attendees to show up to the event, which is surprisingly often the biggest challenge of running an event.  […]

Top 8 Tips for Scheduling Client Appointments


For businesses that rely on client appointments like salons, spas, dental offices, law firms, and others, scheduling client appointments can literally make or break your business.  Coordinating client appointments would require a high level of management skills, and when not organized well, there’s a high risk of miscommunications and errors like double bookings, no-shows, and […]

Can You Use Linux with an Everyday PC?

Asus Laptop

If you’re reading this on your computer then the odds are you’re using Windows. Microsoft’s operating system is over three decades old and has had numerous iterations and upgrades over the years to make it relevant to current user demands and ensure that it is compatible with modern hardware.  There are plenty of alternatives to […]

10 Types of Biryani You Must Try in India


Biryani is a tasty, and mouthwatering rice dish that is a welcome treat any time of the day. It is a heavenly delight that comes in many forms around India. In fact, you can learn about the history of India while consuming the tastiest and most popular biryani across the nation. Let’s look at the […]

Pfizer Vaccine Effectiveness Declines Faster than Oxford Jab: British Study

Astrazeneca and Pfizer vaccine

According to a recent study published on Thursday, the effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination against Covid-19 falls faster than that of the AstraZeneca vaccine. “Two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech had stronger initial efficacy against new COVID-19 infections, but this diminishes faster than two doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca,” Oxford University researchers concluded. The study, which has not been […]

Jeff Bezos Sues NASA over Deal with Elon Musk’s SpaceX

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk

Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos‘ space company, is suing NASA over the agency’s decision to award a $2.9 billion (£2.1 billion) lunar lander contract to Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The agreement has “fundamental flaws,” according to the former Amazon CEO’s business, and it is unjust. The dispute originates from a decision made in April to award the […]

NBAStreamsXYZ: Top 115 Best Alternatives to NBA Streams XYZ in 2024

NBAstreams XYZ

NBAStreamsXYZ is the most popular online broadcasting service nowadays. People who are unable to attend games in person employ online broadcasting services, the most popular of which being NBAStreamsXYZ. The National Basketball Association (NBA in brief), organizes basketball competitions and games, and Americans are huge fans of the sport.  The streaming service NBAStreamsXYZ is free […]