10 Most Anticipated Animated Movies in 2023

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We already know that expectations are carried by the devil and have many aspects related to injustice within them. That impatience is not the best travelling companion in the world, but it is impossible not to wait with true devotion. These ten animated movies seem destined to mark the 2023 cinematic, And there are plenty of reasons for it.

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Whether due to the return of authentic legends of the genre, due to the brilliant starting points of their arguments, or due to the bar set by their predecessors in the case of sequels, we are talking about a set of proposals that have everything in their favour to conquer both the box office and critics. Films of all kinds and conditions are united by animation and that admirable ambition to make audiences of all ages fall in love.

In short, we are looking at ten films with which, fingers crossed, animation will remain happily established as one of the most loved, admired, respected, and successful film genres. An enviable status achieved through masterpieces, to which we hope some of these proposals will be added, which we look forward to with great enthusiasm.

10 Best Anticipated Animated Movies in 2023

1. Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse

Most Anticipated Animated Movies

As long as it gets even slightly closer to its predecessor’s greatness, the memorable ‘Spider-Man: A New Universe’, will win our hearts. The expectations are as high as they are justified, but the truth is that it is hard to imagine that this ‘Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse ends up being a disappointment. For the team behind it, for the infinite possibilities offered by its plot, and, well, for the awesome previews that we have already been lucky enough to enjoy.

2. Super Mario Bros.: The Movie

Are you certain about the artistic outcome of ‘Super Mario Bros.: The Movie’? None; in the end, it is something impossible to find out. Do you have doubts about the commercial outcome of ‘Super Mario Bros.: The Movie’? It would have to be bad so that we are not talking about one of the most resounding box office successes of this newborn 2023. What has been seen so far, yes, offers hope for fun and entertainment even for those who do not communicate with the world of video games.

3. Elementary

Directed by Peter Sohn, responsible for the wonderful short film ‘Partly Cloudy’ and the misunderstood (and fabulous) ‘Arlo’s Journey’, ‘Elemental’ is presented as Pixar’s strong bet for 2023. A love story between a girl of fire and a boy of water that, from its first trailer, promises a waste of imagination and house brand charm. You want, as always, to go back to the call of Pixar.

4. How Do You Live?’

There are times when the reasons one has to wait impatiently for a movie can be summed up in two words or, as in the case at hand, ‘How Do You Live?, a name: Hayao Miyazaki.

The return of one of the great geniuses in the history of cinema.

5. Wish

Perhaps no one has ever wondered about the origin of the famous wishing star, but Walt Disney Plus arrives in 2023 with the firm decision to tell us about it and, incidentally, to blow up half the world’s box offices once again. A proposal that counts as the best cover letter features the participation in directing work of the great Chris Buck, genius behind such dazzling animated jewels as ‘Tarzan’, ‘Frozen: The Ice Kingdom’, ‘Crazy About Surfing,” or the great series ‘Family Dog.

6. Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget

More than two decades after the premiere of the fantastic ‘Chicken Run: Farm Escape’, the geniuses at Aardman Animations present us with its sequel, ‘Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget’. To doubt at this point in a study that has given us nothing but joy since it began its career in the late eighties would be absurd, so we once again place all our trust (and enthusiasm) in this second part of one of the jewels of the most dazzling animation so far this century.

7. Trolls 3: All Together

Considering the surprisingly good results obtained at both a creative and commercial level from its two previous instalments, much better than what some critics insisted on pointing out, there are enough reasons to celebrate the premiere of ‘Trolls 3: All Together’. A third part that, beyond what you want to tell us, we know will be elevated by a genuinely luxurious soundtrack, And that is already many points in my favour.

8. 10 Lives

Most Anticipated Animated Movies

No, you can see half the face of good old Beckett, the cat star of ’10 Lives’, in the photo accompanying this text. We are going to fall in love with him, not a doubt.

9. Coyote vs. Acme

Most Anticipated Animated Movies

The announcement that Dave Green is the director may not be the best possible news; we are talking about the person responsible for the failed ‘Earth to Echo’ and, above all, ‘Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows’, but this is one of the most brilliant characters in the history of animation in general and Looney Tunes in particular. And on top of that, John Cena is doing dubbing work. Full of ‘Coyote vs. Acme”

10. The Monkey King

Most Anticipated Animated Movies

Produced by Stephen Chow, distributed by Netflix, and directed by Anthony Stacchi (‘The Boxtrolls’), ‘The Monkey King’ is one of the most forceful bets of the famous platform in terms of animated cinema for 2023. A mythological Asian legend that promises strong emotions, endearing characters, searing epic, fast-paced adventures, and a protagonist to remember. Hopefully, he meets all of these.

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