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How to Install Toupees for The First Time?

If you are reading this, then most probably you or your loved one is already facing the dreaded situation of drastic hair loss. The bald patch is scary, we agree. But every cloud has a silver lining.

In this context, every man’s bald head deserves a toupee as a solution. It is the next best thing after natural hair, as this, too, is made of human hair. Covering up bald patches or areas of shedding hair couldn’t get easier than this. Owing to their natural look, ease of installation and removal, and convenience of styling, hair systems for men have always been popular and are on the rise lately.

Looking to purchase a hair system? There are certain factors that you need to consider before doing so. Prime among them is the size, shape, color, and type of adhesive used to attach your toupee to your head.

If it is the first time that you are getting a toupee, we recommend a professional consultation to help you understand which type of toupee would suit you best according to your budget and needs. A hair system professional will consider the level of coverage you need and the color and style of your existing hair before recommending a proper toupee.

Typically you need to follow this process for proper installation for the first time (and thereafter):

Choosing a Base

Toupees for men are available in several bases like skin base, monofilament base, lace base, and mono base with lace front. Each of them is of great quality and is made with human hair. You need to choose based on what kind of hairpiece you need. Do you want a natural look, or are you looking for durability? Do you want light or medium-density hair? Which lace would you prefer – French or Swiss lace? After making up your mind, you can purchase the hair system that is apt for you.

Prep Your Hair System

Each hair system comes in general size. You will need to scale it down to match your area of balding. 

How to measure your bald patch or area of receded hairline:

You will need a measuring tape, a marker and a pair of scissors. You will create a template based on the scalp to then cut to size so that it fits your scalp.

  • Place 4 fingers above your eyebrows and mark where the hairline starts.  
  • Take your measuring tape and place it from the front of your marking/hairline to the back or where your hairline has receded. 
  • Make your markings with a marker.
  • Repeat the measuring process from side to side, measuring from the thickest parts of your hair.
  • Join the lines and extend them to the base for the balding area.
  • Moisten the hair before proceeding to prevent accidental snipping.
  • Then cut the base carefully so as not to cut the hair off.
  • You can also cut off extra material towards the front of the hairline, such as any extra lace.

Note: Since it is your first time, we strongly recommend going to a hairstylist who has experience with hair systems for men. 

Prepare Your Scalp For The Hair System

Now that your toupee is ready, it’s time to prepare your scalp for the installation process. For this, you need to trim, wash, exfoliate and clean your bald area thoroughly so that no hair is present on it. Once your hair is dry, apply an alcohol-based cleanser on the bonding area and follow it up with a scalp protector on your head for added protection and to prevent any itchiness.

Apply Adhesives 

Depending on the type of base you use, you need to use wig glue or tape. For mono, lace front and lace with poly bases, apply tape or glue only on the perimeter. For a skin or full lace base, you can use adhesive throughout the base of your toupee. Add glue or wig tape to your scalp for added security.

Pro Tip: Turn the toupee inside out instead of keeping the hairpiece flat while applying the adhesive. This can damage the toupee and make the tape application more difficult.

Install Your Toupee

Carefully place your hair system onto your scalp, starting from the front of your marked hairline. Gently work your way backwards while stretching out the system as you’re going about it. This ensures that there won’t be any air bubbles between your scalp and the toupee. Press down firmly around the base of the hairpiece for a minute or two to secure the hair system in place.

Trim and Style 

After your hair system sits safe and secure on your head, it’s time to blend it with your natural hair. You can get this by trimming and styling your toupee to get your desired look. This gives it a more natural look.

Pro Tip: Keep the system dry for at least 24 hours following installation.

Enjoy your full head of hair and younger looking self!




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