Tired of Hair Loss? Try This Effective Formula

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Hair is such a part of the body, which is considered very important for human beauty. Most people are troubled by the problem of hair loss. This is the reason why today we are telling you such secret formulas. You can make your hair black, thick and shiny like silky again using this formula. 

Triphala is considered very beneficial for our body. Today, we are telling you the formula  — make a mixture of one teaspoon of Triphala powder, one teaspoon pure ghee and one teaspoon honey and eat it. But keep in mind that this mixture is to be eaten at night and the next day morning hair has to be shown incense. 

In Ayurveda, showing smoke to the hair is considered very beneficial. It has also been included in our culture. Therefore, women should smoke in their hair. However, keep in mind that it should be from a distance. 


The third formula is to soak black lentil (Urad dal) in a bowl, mix 10-12 leaves of bay leaves, a flower of jaggery and coconut milk, then mix them all and apply this mixture on your hair and keep it for a while.

Then, the head has to be washed. This will greatly benefit the hair. Apart from these, consume ragi, poppy seeds, almonds, chuare, gum ladoos etc. In fact, if our bones are strong, then our hair will also be fine.   


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