What is the Entitlement Server eSim and Why is It Important?

According to Statistics, by 2022, the number of devices connected to cellular connection is projected at five billion devices. Due to the increase in the use of the internet and virtual activities, almost all devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and iPads can easily connect to the internet.

The entitlement server eSIM is an essential tool in this transformation as it enables the users to have a consistent end-user experience. In addition, it enables the network operators to allow the users to use the eSIMs on their network. Let’s have a comprehensive look at the entitlement services, including the benefits they have.

What is the entitlement server eSIM?

An entitlement server eSIM is a technological mobile network function that helps improve the connective by allowing an over-to-air device or sim configurations. Therefore, the mobile operators can configure their devices with the appropriate entitlement server eSIMs to enable the user to have a perfect end-user experience. These eSIMs enable the users to easily configure their devices and connect remotely on the same network.

Additionally, the users can use these eSIMs for offering voice-over LTE and rich communication remotely on the network. Most users and enterprises prefer this eSIM because you can easily apply any suitable dynamic configuration on your preferred device without changing or replacing the card. You can use the eSIMs to achieve connectivity for many devices such as laptops, tablets, and personal computers.

Integration of eSIM with the entitlement server

Entitlement servers play an essential role in the remote cellular internet connectivity and configuration of devices, as most of them rely on the eSIMs for the connectivity. Therefore, to ensure the best experience of the end-users, most device makers opted to choose the entitlement server eSIMs for their devices. From the device maker’s perspective, an appropriate user experience includes proper connection, synchronizing, and acting together.

The birth of this entitlement server eSIM was primarily to ensure that users can easily connect all their devices such as tablets, car systems, and others. Primarily the connection should be on a particular network the user chooses. Connecting the system on the same network together would allow effective controlling and even configuration of any setting of their devices on the same phone. Most mobile operators prefer incorporating these eSIMs into their networks to increase customer loyalty and reduce subscriber churn.

The integration of these eSIMs is also vital for making subscription transfers between compatible devices more convenient. Unlike the other sim cards, where after the device gets lost or breaks down, you’ll be out of service for the whole time until you recover or repair it. The integration of the entitlement server with your eSIMs allows you to have a temporary phone for you to ensure the transactions are successful.

Benefits of the of entitlement server eSIMs

With the growing technology and the emergence of the entitlement server eSIMs, there is an increased need for these eSIMs. These devices have numerous benefits both to the network providers and the users. Let’s have a look at the benefits.

1. Allows for the provision of the companion devices remotely

It’ll be very challenging to manage or configure different gadgets or devices on your system when they aren’t on the same cellular network. An entitlement server eSIM provides the perfect solution as it helps in the provision of these devices companions. These devices can include trackers, tablets, personal computers, apple watches, Samsung gears, and smartphones.

Once you’ve provisioned your devices, the users can enjoy the most seamless network services across the particular devices.

While subscribing, it’s essential to understand that the cost decreases with an increase in subscription.

2. Allows the users to use a single number across these devices

When using several devices for either personal or business needs, you might need several numbers for each for effective management. However, you can easily use the same number across all the devices after getting all your devices on the same network using the appropriate entitlement server eSIM.

Using the same number to make transactions, receive calls and messages provides the ultimate user experience, as it makes it efficient and convenient to monitor all the activities. However, when using the MNO or MVNO, the users will have to subscribe to a particular network and use the data on all their devices. The network provider will also benefit from the increase in data purchases due to the increase of data due to cellular connectivity.

3. Helps to deliver VOLTE

The entitlement server eSIMs are very vital in delivering the best VOLTE. It’s a premium network provider, which allows the users to call through the IP Multimedia Subsystem. In simple terms, they are calls the users can make over the internet, thus reducing the need for the traditional voice network. This call mechanism makes the data and call capacity more than three-time larger than what you’d get over the normal or traditional network.

Apart from offering a cheaper calling alternative, it guarantees the quality of the voice, easy accessibility to the supplementary services. Lastly, it helps balance the connection and traffic of communication, making it the safest and fastest challenge option.

4. They help service providers to provide rich communication

When choosing an eSIM card, most users prefer getting a sim card with rich communication. Using the entitlement server eSIM is very important to help the user get the appropriate or rich communication. The communication may vary from messaging, calling, and other general phone activities.

Additionally, the users and subscribers can easily purchase bus, plane, or train tickets, exchange locations with friends and relatives, and even book hotels. Unlike the traditional Sims, you quickly get functionality improvement when using these eSIMs. The reason is that the network provider can easily configure a customer segment or entire base, as the customer can remotely manage their devices.

Final thoughts

In most developing countries, the entitlement server sim cards are gaining popularity due to their numerous advantages to the user and the network provider. Users can effectively connect all their devices to the same cellular network remotely as the eSIMs allows for companion devices provision. The entitlement server eSIM is essential for boosting service quality and communication and helps the providers generate more revenue.

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