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The Role Of Email Marketing In Driving Free Youtube Views

YouTube is one of the most viewed and visited platforms in the world. Many people enjoy YouTube due to the ability to watch all sorts of videos, from education, science, music, dance, celebrity gossip, comedy, etc. Other than that, people can get the opportunity to make money from posting videos on their channels.

The biggest challenge that most YouTube users face is getting more YouTube views and subscribers in their channels. The number of views on your YouTube channel determines the number of audiences you have. Did you know that you can get unrestricted YouTube views on your channel through email marketing?

Email marketing is the art of sending your subscribers emails with links to your YouTube videos to remind and direct your subscribers to click on the link and watch your YouTube video. Email marketing has been proven to be very effective in driving free YouTube views.

How Does Email Marketing In Driving Youtube Views Work? 

Email marketing to drive YouTube views is straightforward. You must link your most recent video to your email campaigns and send it to your subscribers. All you have to do is get the emails of your subscribers and add a link containing your YouTube video to your email.

Once you have done that, you can send your email campaigns to your subscribers’ emails. This will ensure that when they click on the email, they can see the link to your video and follow it by clicking to watch it. This helps increase your YouTube views and gives you free YouTube views.

The people who have received the link to your video can also share it with others. This will provide you with more free YouTube views.

What Role Does Email Marketing Play In Driving Free Youtube Views?

Email marketing is very beneficial since it helps in driving free YouTube views. Many people who use this approach to reach out to subscribers and grow their views become very successful on YouTube.

If used effectively, email marketing can help you get free YouTube views efficiently and effectively. Email marketing plays the following role in driving free YouTube views.

1. Improves Engagement

Email marketing enables you to reach out to subscribers, who can watch your videos and increase your engagement rate. When you constantly add videos to your email campaigns, audiences who get caught up in their daily schedules when they open their emails will see your video link and click on it to watch.

Other than that, the power of sharing can also help increase and improve your engagement rate. Things trend a lot on social media platforms and especially on YouTube. You can always count on your subscribers to share your video. If your YouTube video is attractive, your subscribers will share the link.

The more shares, the more the number of YouTube views and the higher your engagement rate. Email marketing plays a massive role in driving free YouTube views and consequently improving your engagement.

2. Understand your Audience Better

Email marketing helps in driving free YouTube views since you will have a better understanding of your audience. Through email marketing, you can reach out to your subscribers and learn from them what they like or don’t like about your YouTube videos.

Get to ask them questions about what changes or new things they would like to see. This will help you understand your audience better and learn what they want to see and which changes they wish to see. This will help you improve your videos and give your audience high-quality videos, thus boosting your YouTube views.

3. Build Credibility

Just like a business, your first impression matters. It is what determines whether people will keep watching your videos or not. People stick to where they feel like their presence matters. Email marketing helps your subscribers to trust your brand better since they will see that you are going the extra mile.

Through email marketing, where you insert one of your recent videos, your viewers will see you are a committed YouTube willing to give them the best content. If you link your YouTube video with your email, the subscribers will watch and share it with other users.

Consistency is vital to boosting your YouTube views. Constant email campaigns will improve the number of views on your YouTube videos and consequently improve your overall engagement. A good reputation will make your YouTube subscribers share your videos and improve your general views.

4. Get more Views

Email marketing can help you get more views on your YouTube channel and give you 1000 free YouTube views. The more views, the more the number of people who are interacting with your videos. Email marketing has been proven effective in driving free YouTube views and more views in this way.

Once you market your YouTube video through email to your subscribers, they can access your most recent YouTube video. This will make them click on the video to view the video. Thus increasing the number of views on your YouTube videos and giving you free YouTube views.

5. Build your Brand

Email marketing can help you build your brand since you will have direct communication with your clients, who will give them an idea of what they wish should be changed or added. This will give you an idea of improving your YouTube channel and making it more interesting.

Once you improve and build your brand, you will have more viewers on your YouTube channel willing to watch your videos and share them with friends. This will give you more free YouTube views. A good YouTube brand posts videos frequently that are of high quality.

Building your brand through email marketing will ensure you drive free YouTube views to your channel without much challenge.


Email marketing has effectively driven free YouTube views since it helps you grow your brand, get more views, improve engagement, and better understand your audience. You can get more YouTube views from your subscribers and shares through these roles.



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