How to Choose the Best Parcel Locker for Your Business?

If you decide to install a smart and automated parcel locker in your BOPIS delivery system, choosing the right system is next. To get started, it’s just amazing how much technology provides us with such new and innovative systems daily. It’s true that with the help of these smart technologies, you can make a big difference in your business.

This is exactly the purpose for which parcel lockers are used. With the luck and wisdom of choosing the right system, improving customer service can take your business to a whole new level. If you are busy and you missed deliveries then you can get your package in lockers. Not only is this system suitable for the delivery business, but it can also be used in retail stores, multi-family communities, universities, and commercial buildings.

Since you are here today, it is clear that you are buying a locker system for the first time and need help with the process. Don’t worry. They are here to guide you.

With these simple tips, you can choose the best parcel locker for your business.

1-Choose the right place

If you want to bring more opportunities to the process, you need to work on the system’s location. The best place to install your system is an easily accessible and convenient place. Ease of use and accessibility and where weather conditions do not affect the locker system must be considered. Be sure to cover the parcel locker, especially in outdoor locations. Otherwise, the locking system will freeze.

2-Friendly features

You want your customers to choose their package easily, right? Therefore, it is installed this smart system in the first place. If so, at the same time, you need to make sure that the selected system has user-friendly features. User-friendly and hassle-free parcel lockers are a mutually beneficial solution for your business to satisfy your customers.

3-Best closing mechanism

Automated parcel lockers facilitate the collection of missed deliveries or package stolen of parcels and help protect the parcels. That’s why you need to consider the locking system. When looking for a good system, make sure the system you buy is designed to withstand at least 50,000 openings. This is the only way to improve your ROI, as the lockers will last longer.

4-Consider aesthetics

If you want your system to look beautiful with your property, it must blend in with the landscape. Many people don’t pay attention to the aesthetics of the system, but that’s wrong. You are supposed to keep that in mind and buy something that looks good. Best of all, you can get a custom locking system with your brand name and logo.

Benefits of using parcel lockers

Parcel delivery quickly became a major headache for real estate managers. Every day, front office staff faces an increasing trend of inbound packages that residents need to rush. For the reception staff in the apartment community, this situation is unacceptable in the long run. The locals don’t like the situation either. Responding to front desk staff to receive packages is almost always impractical and far from ideal. One solution that many property managers have begun to use is multi-family parcel lockers.

There are many advantages to using parcel lockers in apartment buildings. This article will look at some specific reasons why you should consider using parcel lockers in your apartment. Purcell lockers improve the security of the entire property and provide more comfort to residents, such as smart lockers and refrigerated lockers. -And reduce labor costs associated with managing parcel delivery.

Benefits of package lockers for residents

  • Last-mile delivery of large packages is an important issue for many residents living in non-concierge buildings.
  • The most common features of package lockers that residents enjoy are:
  • Receive 24/7 self-service parcels using a fob key, PIN code, access card, or QR code
  • Enhanced security against package theft and misplacement
  • SMS and email warnings for delivery 
  • Outbound parcel shipping for sending parcels and returning items purchased via e-commerce

For many residents, if they are not at home to sign their luggage and collect it on arrival, they will be redirected to the luggage drop-off station. These stations can be difficult to find, often very far from their original destination, and residents need to decide how to carry large luggage home.

With luggage lockers, residents do not have to schedule the arrival of their luggage. New deliveries are placed in parcel lockers, simply alerting the resident of arrival and allowing the tenant to receive them at their convenience.

Benefits of parcel lockers for multi-tenant building managers and staff

The most common advantages of residential parcel lockers are:

  • An automated package management system eliminates the need for builders to process and sort packages manually.
  • Automated resident alerts to notify you of new packages.
  • Surveillance and security system to protect residents’ luggage
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Delivery is done directly to the parcel locker, not to the lobby, reception, concierge, or post office. From there, the package is scanned directly into the system, alerting the resident of arrival. All customer support issues are handled by the locker or shipping company.
  • This allows multi-family buildings to completely offload luggage delivery systems and staff processes, freeing resources and building personnel while improving the building personnel and resident experience.

These are just some of the tips that will help you get the most out of your investment in a parcel locker system. With the above in mind, you can be confident that you will have a high-quality parcel lock system with no defects.

So packer’s lockers help the business in many ways. Using packer lockers services, the business will not miss the urgent collection of their luggage. Using these lockers, it also becomes easy to collect the luggage from one place and help to keep the luggage in a safe condition. One best thing about these lockers is that that is not much costly compare to buy their own place for the collection of luggage.

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