6 Stylish Gifts For Men

Let’s be honest for a moment. Finding a gift for a guy can be daunting, be it his birthday, anniversary or promotion. 

We often try to figure out something completely out of the box, spend hours browsing online for the latest gadgets or visit every store at the mall. 

But it doesn’t have to be this complicated! The best gifts are something the man you’re shopping for will actually use. If they have a beard get them some beard oils or some clippers, if they like sport maybe some tickets to see a live game. Trust us, you don’t have to overthink it and with these other ideas you’ll check not only this box – these items are also stylish.

Here are 6 stylish gifts for men.

A watch 

A watch is an excellent gift for almost any man, whether he’s a suit-wearing businessman or a free-spirited outdoorsman. It’s all about the model! 

In addition to helping wearers stick to their schedules, watches help display the sense of style and are a form of self-expression – reflecting a hint of danger, adventure and sports depending on the watch.

A high-quality watch will serve for years, if not decades, so make sure you put a little time and effort into your research. There are many great new brands that focus on innovative designs and are not as expensive as old-timey Swiss watches (those are great too, though).


Every guy needs a nice tie, even if he doesn’t wear it every day. So whether your guy is a dapper Mad Men type or someone who takes his suit out of the closet once a year, you can’t miss here!  

Even though a tie can be inexpensive, we recommend spending more than ten bucks for it to ensure top quality. Pick silk, wool, cotton, cashmere, or linen tie in a simple pattern or a monochrome one unless you really know the guy taste well to choose something unique. 

And hey, unless it’s a theme-party, forget the gimmicks – you’re not 18 anymore! 


If you should be more conservative when choosing a tie, go all out with socks to make it an exciting gift even for your dad.

The market is full of socks in quirky designs for any taste, if your friend loves a sports team, you can always go with fun socks. If you’re conscious of the mounting global waste, then try socks made from recycled plastic bottles are worth buying. If you’re conscious of the mounting global waste, then try socks made from recycled plastic bottles are worth buying.  There is no dearth of variety on the market. 


A guy can never have too many scarves as they add style, flair, and function during any season.

Your guy will be able to pair it with most outfits, be it a light cardigan and chinos or a high-quality t-shirt like the ones from Fresh Clean Tees and dark denim trousers.

GQ magazine suggests choosing scarves made of wool, cashmere, angora, cotton, linen, silk and skipping the bulky items as they’re not as practical.


Unless the guy you’re shopping for is 3, he needs a good wallet! 

There are a few most common styles you can choose from to ensure he gets the most use of it – bifold and trifold for those who carry everything from cash, coins and cards to photos and slim, cardholder or coin wallet for specific needs. 

Always choose leather or faux-leather and neutral colours – remember, red might be your favourite, but if it doesn’t work with anything your guy has, it will be useless!


We all could use an upgrade in the luggage department, and if you know that the man travels at least once in a while, he’ll be thrilled to receive his! See more about the latest Adidas Yeezy boost collection for the gift.

Be prepared to spend a little extra on this one – you need a quality, sturdy bag. We recommend choosing between a carry-on or a weekender with compartments for shoes, toiletries, travel essentials, documents, and other items. Read More: The Best Elevator Shoes for Men

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