How to Spot Red Flags on a Vehicle History Report?

People make a lot of mistakes while buying a car. When it comes to used cars, there are a lot of things to be considered. If a vehicle history report sounds new to you, you have a long way to go to learn about it.

Let’s start with the vehicle history report, the vehicle history report is a documentation of the records of the car. The records include the previous history of services, maintenance, accidents, and owners as well. Apart from this, you will also find the condition report of the car and many more.

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As already mentioned, a vehicle history report contains crucial information about the car you are going to buy. After all, you always want to buy a car that will not be a waste of money. To be saved from wasting money, you should properly check the vehicle history report. Let us dive into what common things you will find in the vehicle history report.

  1. Previous Ownership Records
  2. Accident Records
  3. Records of services and maintenance
  4. Record of fluid and other changes
  5. Legal Documents and their validity

And many more, you will need to know the above-mentioned things before buying any used car. Here are some red flags that you should be aware of while seeing or reading the vehicle history report.

History Of Frequent Repairs Or Recent Major Repairs

If the vehicle history report has a lot of repair history, you should not buy the car. Also if the car is recently repaired, you should see that as a red flag too. Cars which have a history of frequent repairs are not so reliable and if the car has a recent repair, it is surely due to some major accidents which will not be so good for your pocket in the long run.

Many Previous Owners

If a car has been used by more than one owner previously, it is not a good car to buy. If there is the history of many previous owners, it is a straight reg flag. The frequent changing of owners could be because of the problem in the car. Make sure you don’t buy a car with a lot of previous owners.

Apart from the problem factor, if the car has a lot of changed owners it’s probably not comfortable whatever its price may be.

Missing Annual Tax And Insurance Premiums

If you see a car with a missed annual tax, it’s a straight red flag. A car with missed annual tax or premium can be damaged in your pocket. So check if the car has been renewed annually and has everything in the place legally. The unpaid premiums can be big trouble in the long run.

Failed Emission Inspection

If the car has failed the emission inspection, you should stay away from the car. A car with more emissions is not good for the neighborhood and the environment. Most importantly, you will be fined if the car is not according to the safety and health standards. So, if you see a failed inspection on the vehicle history report of the car, it’s a straight reg flag, and you should avoid buying such cars.

Listed as a rental vehicle

While rental automobiles are almost always kept up to date on planned maintenance, they are also rented out to a huge number of individuals, which causes vehicles to wear out more quickly.

If you are getting a good deal on a car listed as a rental, you should first do a proper inspection of the car by hiring a specialized person such as a mechanic or an engineer.

Lack Of Repairs And Maintenance History

If the vehicle history shows too little or no vehicle history at all, it is a straight red flag. A car with no repair records can be worse than a car with many repair records. So, be aware and always see if the car has been maintained properly before it hits the market.

Water Damage

If the car has a history of water damage, you should probably turn the deal down. A car with a history of water damage may show electronics and other electrical parts damage in the long run. SO if you see water damage it’s a red flag and avoid buying such a car.

Now that you have a proper idea of what the red flags are, we hope you will not be tricked into buying a car that is not worth the money you are spending. Always be cautious and buy a car to fit your needs.


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