City Living: Benefits Of Electric Vehicles for Urbanites

Global warming is real – the science is indisputable. Since the Industrial Revolution, humankind has been filling the atmosphere with emissions. Now, we are seeing real-world consequences, including global heating and associated weather mayhem that comes with a climate that is getting hotter each year.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Governments are taking notice and action by pledging to cut emissions by 2050, and investment in alternative and renewable energy sources is occurring rapidly. We should be able to slow down climate change in our lifetime, but everyone has to do their part.

Consumers can lower their carbon footprint by purchasing an electric vehicle or EV like the Kia EV6. This helpful article will focus on city dwellers and share some benefits of EVs for urbanites that live in the heart of thriving cities. Read on to find out more.

No Emissions – A Clean Car and a Clear Conscience

A pure EV, for instance, a plug-in electric vehicle, is the cleanest choice of the car a city dweller can choose. EVs have zero emissions due to being powered entirely by electricity. There are no exhaust fumes, oil burning, or petrol consumption that causes emissions with these types of vehicles.

This means that you can drive a car that is clean for the environment, and you can have a clear conscience, knowing that your choice of vehicle is not causing more emissions as you drive from A to B. This can give you great peace of mind, and then you can focus on the rest of your carbon footprint, such as reducing landfill waste and recycling more.

Perfect for Short Trips 

Although EV ranges are improving each year, an EV still has a shorter range than a petrol-powered sedan. Some might say this is a negative. However, it is actually the perfect situation for a city dweller. By living in the city, your commutes are often relatively short. You might never have to drive for more than an hour or two unless you are on a road trip. This means that an EV is the perfect choice of car, and you won’t run out of charge during your shorter trips.

Rest assured, if you want to go on a road trip – there are electric charging points available on most major highways, with more being built every year.

Cheaper Maintenance and Servicing 

Fuel-powered cars often need regular maintenance and servicing at intervals of six months. Every six months, you need to take your car to the mechanic, wait around while they change the oil and filters, and perform safety checks. Then you’re out of pocket a few hundred, in most cases.

Compare this with an EV, which has a much less demanding maintenance schedule. Most EVs only require a service every year, and the maintenance schedule is a much lighter touch. Mainly, the technician will check the brakes and tires – these are the components that wear out the most for most EVs. 

You’ll save money on maintenance and servicing by owning an EV in the city, and this, coupled with the low cost of charging, will see you save thousands a year. 

Visually Appealing

Most people who live in the city are image-conscious and fashion-oriented. After all, cities are hubs of fashion, design, and art. It makes sense to dress and look sharp when living in town, so why not extend this mindset to your vehicle as well. EVs are often sleek, modern, and visually appealing vehicles. This makes them the perfect choice for image-conscious urbanites who are concerned with their whole image as a package deal. 

A Smoother Driving Experience

EVs are manufactured using cutting-edge technology, and car manufacturers build them with a superior driving experience front and center of their designs. 

They offer improved handling and excellent performance and are an absolute pleasure to drive. This makes them the ideal vehicle of choice for the discerning city dweller. City driving often includes tight corners, narrow streets, and sharp turns. An EV is a perfect vehicle for these conditions. 

One of the criticisms of EVs is that they don’t have the same level of performance as fuel-powered vehicles, but this is simply not true. 

Cleaner Air

By driving an EV in the city, you are directly helping to reduce the amount of pollution in the air. Major cities are often smoggy due to the number of exhaust fumes coming out of cars. An EV has no emissions or exhaust, so by driving one, you’re doing your bit to make the city’s air cleaner.

A Clean Car Conclusion

We’ve shared the top benefits of electric vehicles for city-dwelling urbanites in this helpful article. The most significant benefit is reduced emissions and a lowered carbon footprint. Other benefits are aesthetic appeal, a cheaper and less frequent maintenance schedule, and excellent handling and performance. 


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