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Top 10 Most Iconic BMW Grills – from 1933 to 2021

BMW grills have become an emblem that distinguishes the brand and makes it unique. BMW Grills have always played a very important role in the brand’s vehicles, becoming a front emblem that distinguishes the German firm and makes it unique in the automotive industry. Since 1933, most BMW models have had a kidney-shaped double front grill; a design that has changed over time to be increasingly functional, while remaining distinctive. Next, we take a look at the ten most iconic grills of the German manufacturer.

BMW 303 (1933)

The BMW 303 is considered a historical milestone for BMW, as it was the first model with a six-cylinder engine. In addition, he was the one who initiated the characteristic double kidney-shaped grill that after almost 90 years is still a brand insignia.

BMW 503 (1956)

The BMW 503 was a four-seater model that gave way to a fully chrome, mid-height double grille . This smaller format was possible because the model had double side ventilation, so the radiator grille was no longer the only engine cooling component. The BMW 3200 CS (1962) and BMW 2000 CS (1965) models continued to have grills in a similar shape.

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BMW 507 (1956)

The BMW 507 Roadster was launched the same year as the BMW 503, albeit with a much more advanced design, as it was the first BMW with two large horizontal air intakes. Its creator, Albrecht Graf von Goertz, allowed himself this creative license in the design of the double grill, something that the designers of the German firm would only do again in a couple of projects in the 90s. However, a ventilation of so Large size was necessary in the BMW 507, as it was the only source of fresh air for the radiator of the V8 engine under a particularly low hood.

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BMW M1 (1978)

The sports legendary BMW M1 was part of one of the smaller grills that have been used in a BMW and ventilation intakes flat due to the height of the front. The grills appeared to be “embedded” and separated from the secondary air intakes by the bodywork itself, as well as being flanked by folding headlights. The M1 dual grille design was reused in the front end design of later classic models such as the BMW 3 Series (E30), the BMW Z1 (1988) or the BMW 8 Series (1989).

BMW 3 SERIES – E36 (1990)

The third generation 3 Series featured the visibly rectangular dual grille with rounded corners , a flat design extended horizontally, and the two halves of the vent assembly set apart. However, they were not separated from the headlights by other grills, they simply had a flat surface in the body color. It should be noted that this design was used in many models of the 90s.

BMW I3 (2013)

The dual grille of the BMW i3 featured a flat and wide design, a closed surface and accents in blue, identifying it as an innovative electric vehicle. Like the BMW i8, the i3’s aerodynamics benefit from the closed double grille.


The renewal of the double grill did not come until the appearance of the brand’s sportiest models. This grille, present on the BMW 8 Series and BMW Z4, was made up of two wide horizontal pentagons and two narrow bars in the same color as the bodywork. Its sportiness is reflected in the downward opening, apparently closer to the tarmac. In terms of functionality, this grill serves as a secondary air intake with the Air Flap Control function, so it opens when needed and closes to reduce air resistance.

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The grille of the X7 and 7 Series 7 Series models showed a very striking and imposing appearance, that is, with much more presence. Its large size makes one glimpse that we are before the spearheads of the German firm.


The 4 Series Coupé 4 Series Coupé incorporates a large double grille, with an appearance of independence from each other, which has been positioned vertically with a slight incline towards the front. This grille follows the tradition of classic models such as the BMW 328 Coupe from the 1930s and the BMW 3.0 CS from the 1970s.

BMW IX (2021)

BMW’s 100% electric model, the iX iX, sports a kidney-shaped double grille that takes the form of a further development of the BMW i3 grille, with a unique and striking break from the usual center bar. The characteristic grill of the brand makes the iX a component that is not only aesthetic, but also technological, multi-functional and innovative, since behind the closed surface of the grill the cameras, sensors and technologies that make possible the assisted and automated driving.

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