What We Know about Mercedes-Benz EQS

Mercedes-Benz shows the EQS, a luxury saloon with electric propulsion based on the modular architecture for the new electric vehicles of the German firm. This model stands out for its combination of technology and design, with an extremely attractive-looking body that also sets a new record among series cars in the chapter on aerodynamic resistance, with a coefficient of cx starting at 0.20.

It has an advanced cabin design or ‘Cab-Forward’ and the sleek silhouette of a ‘One Bow’ coupe with a sloping tailgate. These features distinguish the EQS from internal combustion engine vehicles at first glance, and are accentuated and confirmed by the Black Panel front design and headlamp configuration.

MBUX Hyperscreen a concave screen

In the inside what stands out is the MBUX Hyperscreen a concave screen that spreads like a wave from the left to the right pillar, ahead of the occupants and fully integrated into the dashboard. It is set only by a thin frame in Silver Shadow, a band of air vents and a narrow leather band. The central display and the passenger display of the MBUX Hyperscreenthey also offer haptic confirmation. If the user touches certain areas of the touch screen with a finger, they perceive pulses on the smooth surface, which give the impression of a mechanical switch. Another operating aid is the so-called force interaction on both displays. The glass reacts differently depending on the pressure applied. For example, opening a new MBUX selection menu.

Another interesting detail inside is that the EQS can protect its occupants from odors and particles by means of a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Airque) filter that purifies the outside air with great effectiveness, retaining fine dust, microparticles and pollen. 

Technological sophistication of the new EQS

Another example of the technological sophistication of the new EQS is its Artificial Intelligence, equipped with sensor probes of all kinds – up to 350, depending on the individual equipment – installed in almost all the components. These elements measure distance, speed and acceleration, record brightness, assess the intensity of rain and temperature, determine seat occupancy, and even analyze driver blink or the language spoken by passengers. This information is processed with the help of control units, which make decisions in fractions of a second with the help of algorithms. It can be said that these electronic switchboards are the brain of the car. But information, no matter how complete, is useless if you don’t know how to react to it. The new EQS can hone its skills as it gains new experiences, as it is capable of learning with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques.

The optional running sound is interactive. That is, it reacts to a dozen different parameters such as accelerator pedal position, speed, or recovery. The choice of the driving program also modifies the sound perceived by the occupants while driving. The Burmester surround sound system amplifier uses intelligent sound design algorithms to calculate sounds in real time, and reproduce them through the speakers.

Energizing Coach service

The Energizing Coach service recommends one of the Energizing Comfort programs – Cool, Warm, Vitality, or Pleasant Environment – in a personalized way, taking into account the situation. If a Mercedes smartwatch has been paired. In addition, Mercedes-Benz Venu technology takes into account certain vital signs of the occupant – for example, the level of stress and the quality of sleep – when issuing the recommendation.

The MBUX system is proactive, showing the user the right features at the right time. The sensitive awareness to the context is constantly optimized, taking into account changes in the environment and the behavior of the user.

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A special information layer, the so-called “Zero-Layer”, always remains at the top of the MBUX information architecture and offers the user overlapping dynamic content of the MBUX system and related services. The MBUX interior assistant analyzes the movements of the occupants – also in the rear seats – to recognize their driving and driving wishes.

“Ambition 2039” strategic program

Within its “Ambition 2039” strategic program, Mercedes-Benz is working hard to be able to offer a complete fleet of new CO2-neutral cars in less than 20 years. Until 2030, more than half of the cars marketed by the company will be equipped with electric propulsion (xEV), both exclusively electric cars and plug-in hybrid models.

The EQS is manufactured with the new S – Class and S – Class Mercedes-Maybach headquarters modern automobile production of Mercedes-Benz in the “Factory 56” of the Sindelfingen plant. In line with the “Ambition 2039” strategic program, the “Factory 56” works with zero carbon emissions , that is to say with an absolutely neutral balance of CO2, and with a clearly reduced energy consumption. Innovative technologies and processes have been consistently implemented in all buildings that help workers in the best possible way in the performance of their daily work.

The local production of batteries is an important factor in the success of the Mercedes-Benz AG electric offensive, and a decisive element in being able to meet the global demand for electric vehicles in a flexible and efficient way. As part of the ” Mercedes-Benz Drive Systems Campus ” in Untertürkheim (Germany), the Hedelfingen plant is responsible for the production of the Mercedes-EQ battery systems for the EQS.

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