10 Ideas to Relieve Stress and Start Enjoying Your Summer

Finding a work-life balance can be highly challenging. Sometimes, it can feel impossible to slow down. One in every three Americans is currently experiencing stress in their lives. If you are experiencing anxiety, you may feel exhausted. Some people even have physical manifestations of stress, like aching lower back muscles or tension headaches. If you ignore stress for too long, you could risk developing an even more serious condition like high blood pressure, heart disease, or depression. 

Being an adult doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some much-needed time to slow down. Remember childhood, how summer vacation meant three months of freedom? What if you permitted yourself to find release from stress this summer? These ten ideas can help relieve stress and give you the privilege to start enjoying your summer. 

1. IV Therapy 

If you have been feeling stressed for a while, your adrenal glands probably work in overdrive. The adrenal glands are where the stress hormones are produced in the body. By treating yourself to a 30-40 minute session of iv therapy, you can promote stress relief from the inside out. When you take vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes orally, they can take hours to digest. In contrast, when you receive IV therapy, these essential nutrients are delivered directly into your bloodstream. When you book a session specifically formulated for stress relief, you’ll leave feeling more hydrated and energized, have reduced inflammation, and have less risk of mood swings or irritability.  

2. Take a Mental Health Day 

More than ever, companies realize the strain work can place on your psyche. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed, a self-care day can help you relax and recharge. You’ll be able to attack your to-do list with a renewed sense of vigor. Not only will this be better for your mental health, but it will also allow you to be the best employee you can be. 

3. Prioritize Self Care 

Even when you don’t take the entire day off work, you can still block off a chunk of time for yourself. Take a long luxurious bath, read a good book, or sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine. Put all your distractions away and take a few moments just to be. Stress manifests when you spend too much time worrying about what happened in the past or what might happen in the future – find ways to bring yourself to the present moment. 

4. Breathe Deeply 

Sometimes it can be challenging to find the present moment, especially when stressed. Try it. Inhale deeply for five seconds. Hold your breath and count to three. Slowly exhale, counting to five. Repeat two or three times. Do you feel slightly more at ease? Taking a few deep breaths can quickly bring your body and mind back into equilibrium. 

5. Practice Yoga

Yoga has been used to help people ground themselves in the present moment and alleviate stress through a motion for thousands of years. Yoga can help you combine movement with breath to find a sense of serenity amid work calls, emails, and a busy schedule. The physical poses help increase strength, balance, and flexibility. When combined with breathwork, this can ease tension in the body. 

6. Exercise

Even if yoga isn’t for you, finding a way to move each day will release endorphins which can help balance your mood. A 2014 study found that exercise can help increase resilience to daily stressors. Go for a walk on the beach or hit up a dance class with friends. Get outside this summer and find small ways to get your heart pumping. 

7. Ground Yourself In Water

If you are anxious, grounding yourself in water can help you return to the present moment. When you fully immerse yourself in water, it brings the body back to the peaceful state of the womb. Let yourself float in a pool, take a bath, or stand in the surf and experience the water slowly pulling in and out.  Since humans are made of water, it is only natural being surrounded by water can help you feel at ease.

8. Spend Time With Friends and Family  

Carve out time each week to spend time with those you love. Set aside dinner time with your family without the distraction of cell phones or work emails. Plan a game night with friends. It is easy to alienate yourself in your work. By spending time with family, you will decrease your risk of anxiety and depression. 

9. Set Automatic Emails 

Many assume that to advance in their chosen career, they must make themselves available 24-7. This is an unhealthy way to work and will only create unrealistic expectations for you and your boss. Instead, set healthy boundaries for when you work. After a set time each night, send out an automatic email stating that after 7 pm, you turn off your computer to spend time with family, and you will respond in the morning. 

9. Make More Space for What Brings You Joy 


However, if you choose to mitigate stress this summer, find ways to do what brings you joy. Sit on the beach with a good book. Go wine tasting with your friends. Get up and do sun salutations to begin each day. Even if adults don’t get three months of summer vacation, you can still find ways to use this season to rejuvenate your spirit and ground yourself in the present moment. 

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