Do You Plan to Retire in the Following Years? Here is How to Find Coverage that’s Perfect for You.

A couple of years ago, you didn’t have many choices when buying a Medicare plan. Most people reaching the retirement age enrolled in original Medicare, the US government’s health plan. It was easy to decide what to pick because there were few options. 

However, the Medicare marketplace has exploded over the last few years, and you’re faced with numerous choices. Now, you can choose from multiple Medicare Advantage plans and Part B programs, besides the Original Medicare and Medigap plans. 

But with so many options on the market, how do you pick the one that best meets your health needs? This article provides guidance on what factors to consider when shopping for health coverage

Remember that you need to look beyond the plan premium

Medicare plan costs include premiums, coinsurance, co-pays, and deductibles. Most people shopping for coverage focus on the premiums because they pay the cost monthly and want to ensure they afford it. But it’s essential to compare all insurance plan costs, not only the premiums. Why? Because while the premiums are consistent for the entire duration of the coverage, the other expenses can modify and add up. You pay co-pays and deductibles when benefiting from covered services, so the more healthcare you need, the more expensive your Medicare coverage is. 

Usually, low premiums come with high coinsurance, co-pays, and deductibles. You may not find it problematic if you’re healthy and rarely use healthcare services. However, supposing you need regular medical assistance, you may prefer to pay a pricier premium to benefit from lower extra payments. 

The point is to check all costs associated with the Medicare plan you purchase to ensure that it’s the best choice for you. 

Therefore, decide how much health care coverage you need

You probably figured out by now that you need to decide how much healthcare insurance you need when you retire to determine what coverage plan is perfect for you. If you need only essential medical services, Original Medicare may be an excellent option for you because it’s a no-frills plan. It’s a mix between Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance). If you also need prescription drugs, you need to purchase a stand-alone Part D plan. 

However, if you have unique healthcare needs, you should consider purchasing a Medicare Advantage plan, also known under the name of Medicare Part C that combines all three Parts. Some private plans include dental, hearing, and vision benefits and other wellness and health benefits the Original Medicare doesn’t provide. Here are some pros and cons you may want to read before buying Medicare Advantage. Remember that Medicare Advantage is an alternative to Original Medicare and not a supplement. 

Before purchasing healthcare insurance for retirement, remember that even if you don’t need many prescription medications and healthcare services now, you can experience an unexpected accident or illness, and the insurance costs can add up fast. So, pick a plan covering the unknown and offering you peace of mind. 

Pay attention to drug formularies

Medicare insurance plans have a list of covered drugs you can find under the name of the formulary. Each program has a unique formulary that changes annually, and you need to check it before purchasing coverage to make sure that it includes the prescription drugs you take. 

Research the market to find a list of Medicare plans that offer the medications you need, and then compare the costs and other benefits they offer. Most coverage providers have pharmacy networks that offer special prices to members, so you should also check if they’re located close to your house. 

You can buy prescription drug coverage as part of Medicare Advantage or as a supplement with the Original Medicare. 

Check if your doctors are on the plan’s network

Original Medicare allows you to see any doctor who works with Medicare. However, if you purchase Medicare Advantage, you need to visit the hospitals, doctors, and other medical facilities included in the plan’s network. 

Supposing you intend to buy Medicare Advantage, you should first check the insurer’s director to see if your doctor is in the plan’s network. If they’re not, you can consider switching to another doctor if you’re happy with their reviews or look for another insurance provider. It’s also best to check if you can see a non-network doctor and how much you need to pay. 

Find out if you’re covered when you travel

During retirement, you have more free time to travel and visit all the places you always dreamt of seeing. But you need to ensure that your health care insurance covers your medical needs when you’re away from home. Original Medicare covers you when you travel anywhere in the USA and its territories, as long as you see a doctor that accepts Medicare. Original Medicare covers a limited list of services outside the USA territory in very few instances.  

Medicare Advantage plans may not cover your health care outside its service area, except for urgently needed care. Some Advantage programs offer broader abroad coverage and urgent and emergency care worldwide. However, it’s wise to see what costs and rules are associated with each plan before purchasing it. 

Consider if you need specific healthcare benefits

Original medical offers hospital and medical services coverage. Usually, a list of health care services comes with multiple conditions to be covered. Also, remember that Original Medicare doesn’t include prescription drugs, and you need to purchase a separate plan if you need them. Original Medicare doesn’t offer coverage for other wellness or health care needs like vision and dental. 

If you want specific health care benefits, you need to make a list of the services you need and ask the insurer if they provide them. Once you have a list, you can compare multiple Medicare plans and pick the one that suits you better. 

The perfect Medicare plan should fit your health needs

Remember that you need to make the final decision when buying Medicare coverage. It should fit your unique lifestyle and health care needs. 

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