Peter Drury will Voice the Premier League after Martin Tyler’s 30-Year Tenure with Sky Sports

Mail Sport can say that Peter Drury will take over for Martin Tyler at Sky Sports.

The 55-year-old, who is currently the voice of the Premier League on NBC Sports in the US, will become Sky’s main commentator after Tyler, who was 77 at the time, didn’t have his contract extended. This may turn out to be a popular move.

Drury started his work in broadcasting in 1990 with local radio in Leeds. It is thought that he will continue to present for US audiences. Comcast is the owner of both NBC and Sky.

Many people see him as a perfect replacement for Tyler, who left Sky after 33 years because he was no longer liked by viewers.

Drury will likely focus on one game a week for the announcer. This could be on Sunday, Monday, or in the middle of the week.

Sky Sports has now revealed that Rob Hawthorne, Bill Leslie, Seb Hutchinson, Dan Mann, Gary Weaver, and Ian Crocker will be joining Drury.

Drury said, “I’m very excited to be joining Sky’s great team of commentators.”

“Working on the best games every week with a broadcaster who has been telling the story of the Premier League since the beginning feels like the chance of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to get started.”

Gary Hughes, who is in charge of football at Sky Sports, said that Drury will bring “great energy and enthusiasm” to the team.

Hughes said, “We’re excited to have Peter Drury join Sky Sports.”

“Peter is one of the most poetic commentators on the game. He will bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm, as well as his award-winning experience in broadcasting, to our coverage of the Premier League, which is the best there is.”

Hughes had already paid tribute to Tyler, who covered many big tournaments and whose commentary on Sergio Aguero’s dramatic, title-winning goal for Manchester City in 2012 is one of the Premier League’s most memorable moments.

Hughes said, “Everyone at Sky Sports would like to thank Martin from the bottom of their hearts for his 30 years of hard work and dedication to our coverage.” The Premier League and Sky Sports will always be linked to “The Voice.”

“Martin Tyler comes to mind when you think of analysis. “Collymore closing in” (from Liverpool’s 4-3 win over Newcastle in 1996) and “Aguerrrooooooo” are two of the best moments in Premier League history.

“We thank him and hope the best for him in the future.”

Tyler is not retiring. He was the lead commentator on Super Sunday, the most popular weekend show on Sky Sports. He also covered global games like the Champions League, World Cup, and European Championships for US and Australian broadcasters.

Jamie Carragher, who often sat in the commentary box with Tyler, and Richard Masters, who is in charge of the Premier League, were among those who paid respect to the legendary commentator after hearing that he was leaving.

On Friday, Mail Sport was the first to report that Sky Sports had fired half of their football news staff as a way to cut costs. Veteran interviewer Geoff Shreeves was also asked to take a big pay cut.

Sky made the rest of its decisions after a consultation about layoffs in April. Six of their 13-person team of football writers were let go, though some left on their own and others may be given other jobs.

Because Sky Sports is trying to save money, well-known and experienced writers like Guy Havord, Dickie Davis, Bianca Westwood, Greg Whelan, Lynsey Hooper, and Jaydee Dyer will also be leaving their jobs.

Emma Saunders is the only woman reporter who seems to have made it through the cut. David Craig, Patrick Davidson, Jonathan Oakes, Johnny Phillips, and Luke Shanley also made it.

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