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Top Picks: Exploring the 20 Most Expensive Fruits in The World

Most Expensive Fruits in The World

Do you want to know what is the Most Expensive Fruits in the World? Various foods have made it to the world’s most expensive list, from white strawberries to square watermelons and Buddha-shaped pears. If you’ve walked through the grocery store’s produce section, you know that some fruit is much more expensive. What is it about certain foods that cause them to be so pricey? 
Part of the reason is that we can now eat veggies from all over the world. A century ago, you could only eat your area’s produce. Today, you can be in New York in the winter, making a drink with fresh mangos. 
It’s not just exotic food that can cost more. Sometimes farmers try how they can make the fruits we love even tastier. They make impressive forms or new delicious flavors.
Here you can find the 20 most expensive fruits in the world with expected prices.

20 Most Expensive Fruits in the World

The cost of popular fruits such as mangos, watermelons, and strawberries at local food distributors has increased annually. However, the prices of premium fruits available globally far exceed these rates. Discover the world’s top 20 expensive fruits and their exorbitant prices in this article.
In certain parts of the world, such as Japan, fruit is highly regarded for its exceptional taste and quality, often presented as a lavish gift. With a vast array of fruits worldwide, the fruit industry continues innovating and developing new varieties to enhance flavor profiles. Extensive care and unique growth methods improve fruit size and taste, costing them insane prices. Let’s look at some of the most delicious but expensive food.

1. Yubari King Melon

Yubari King Melon
  • Price: between $200 – $45,000 per melon
The cost of popular fruits such as mangos, watermelons, and strawberries at local food stores has steadily increased. However, these prices pale compared to the exorbitant cost of premium fruits in various locations worldwide. Discover the world’s top 9 most outrageous fruits and their staggering price tags.
In countries like Japan, fruit is highly regarded for its quality and is often presented as a luxurious gift due to its delectable taste. With an ever-growing variety of fruits available worldwide, new and improved versions are constantly being developed to enhance their flavor. Extensive care and unique growth methods improve fruit size and taste, costing them insane prices. Let’s look at some of the most delicious but expensive food.

2. Japanese Ruby Roman Grapes

ruby roman grapes

  • Price: $90-$450
For a single bunch of these rare, expensive grapes, expect to pay between $90 and $450. That’s if you can find them because only 24,000 bunches are gathered yearly. Developed in 2008, this juicy, sweet, and low-acid variety is only grown and sold in Japan’s Ishikawa region.
Each bunch goes through a rigorous inspection before a sale, checked for taste, uniformity of the distinctive ruby color, and size. And Ruby Roman grapes are enormous – each one as big as a ping pong ball! 
They’re divided into three categories: superior, unique superior, and premium. Incredibly, only one or two bunches are called ‘premium’ each year, which means they’re greatly prized. In 2020, a cluster of Ruby Roman grapes was sold for $12,000!

3. Bijin-hime Strawberry

[Video Credit@UMAMI of JAPAN]

  • Price: $4,000 per strawberry
Each of the world’s most costly apples costs $4,000. Bijn-hime translates as “beautiful princess.” They are the biggest strawberries available on the market. Okuda Nichio at Okuda Farm in Gifu sells only 500 yearly, which explains why it may command such a high price.
These strawberries are over 100 grams in weight. That’s three times the size of a regular strawberry.

4. Northern Territory Mangos

Northern Territory Mangos

  • Price: $4,116 per Australian mango
A dozen Australian mangos fetched a record-breaking $50,000. However, this is probably unrelated to the fact that they are the most expensive fruits. 
Every year, the Northern Territory of Australia produces thousands of mangos. What made these unique was that all earnings went to two children’s organizations.
Hopefully, you’ll never have to pay thousands of dollars for mangos. But someone in Northern Australia will be every year.  


5. Densuke Watermelon

densuke watermelon

  • Price: between $250 – $6000 per watermelon
Grown in small amounts on the island of Hokkaido in northern Japan, the Densuke is the world’s most expensive watermelon. Prices range from $250 to as much as $6,000 each.
Dark green to black colored Densuke watermelons resemble more widely grown varieties on the outside. However, they have a unique sweet taste and few seeds.
How can you be sure that the watermelon is a real Densuke? Each is packed into a cube-shaped cardboard box to protect it and comes with a certificate of origin to ensure authenticity.

6. Taiyo No Tamago Mango

Taiyo No Tamago Mango

  • Price: between $50 – $3,600 each
The name of these mangoes translates as the egg of the sun. Although they’re exclusively grown in the Miyazaki prefecture of the Kyushi area, they come from the Irwin mango cultivar.
What makes these luxury mangoes so highly prized and gives them their raised price tag of between $50 and $3,600 is their high sugar content and spectacular coloring. Their color can range from the deepest orange or red to purple. The texture of the pulp is meltingly soft, and even the skin can be eaten.
The popularity of these exquisite fruits has now transcended Japan’s borders, as growers from Israel and India have started to cultivate them.

7. Cornwall Pineapple

cornwall pineapple

  • Price: $1,600 per pineapple
Pineapple is another foreign fruit you’re probably used to finding in your fruit salad. So what makes this one cost over 500 times more than we’re used to paying? 
It’s the precise method used to grow this Cornwall pineapple. This delicious fruit was created under straw, manure, and urine. The unique combination of factors enables the growth of pineapples in regions with colder climates.
The pineapple in question was never actually sold, according to sources. The team at Heligan, where it was grown, calculated its cost but split it between the staff when it was mature. They noted that it had a fantastic flavor. 

8. Buddha Shaped Pear

Buddha Shaped Pear

  • Price: $9 each
In case you’ve not been pleased with square melons or perfectly formed cherries and grapes, we’re ending with a real showstopper in the world of luxury fruit. 
Unlike those above, this juicy delight comes from China’s Hebei province, where Mr. Xianzhang Hao has developed an incredible Buddha pear in his backyard. So how did he make this fantastic shape? By putting newly made pears into a mold, they’re forced to take their shape. Once they outgrow the mold, he removes it, but they continue to grow into the form of a perfect Buddha.
His original idea sprang from a Chinese myth about a magic Buddha-shaped fruit that would give immortality to whoever ate it. Unsurprisingly, these pears sell out as fast as he can grow them at the bargain price of $9 each.

9. Square Watermelon

square watermelon

  • Price: $200 per square watermelon
You’ve probably seen these perfectly chopped watermelons on social media. This is one of those fruits that is more about appearance than taste.
Most people think there is no flavor difference between a square watermelon and a round watermelon from the grocery store. They are very pricey because of their shape.
These watermelons are famous for their aesthetic value. Because they are so labor-intensive, you can be confident that their price will remain high.

10. White Jewel Strawberry

White Jewel Strawberry

  • Price: $10 each
White Jewel strawberries are grown by a single producer in the Saga prefecture of Japan and sell for around $10 each. However, they’re about three times the size of an average large strawberry, so you won’t need to buy as many.
Their white color is due to the lack of the pigment anthocyanin, which gives strawberries their typical red or deep pink color.

11. Sembikiya Queen Strawberries

Sembikiya Queen Strawberries

  • Price: $85 per box
Sembikiya Queen Strawberries, aka Nyohou Strawberries, are named after one of Tokyo’s most famous fruit sellers. They’re sold in boxes of twelve, which cost around $85, roughly equal to $214 per pound.
Why the high price? Their particular cultivation method means they never touch the earth and are hand-selected so that only those with the best color and shape are sold. As a result, they’re particularly valued as expensive gifts.

12. Dekopon Citrus

Dekopon Citrus

  • Price: $80 per six-pack
The Dekpon Citrus is comparable to a massive mandarin, weighing up to 1 pound each. Because of its top-knot shape, it is also known as the Sumo citrus. This unique fruit mixes high sweetness with low acidity to give a wonderfully aromatic fruit experience. It is easy to peel, has thin skin, is seedless, and has meltingly soft flesh.
In 1972, the first Dekopon was grown in Japan. They must be grown intensively in temperature and humidity-controlled glasshouses. Once collected, they are cured for up to 40 days to allow the sugar level to develop and the acidity to drop to less than 1%.
Even though each Dekopon citrus costs at least $14, or $80 a pack of six, their popularity is spreading beyond Japan to California. They are currently being harvested in Brazil and South Korea, allowing even more people to enjoy their distinct flavors.

13. Sekai-Ichi Apple

Sekai-Ichi Apple

  • Price: $21 per apple
Do you like apples but want to try something new? Then consider the Sekai Ichi cultivar, which costs roughly $21 per apple. The price is high because of its appearance and scarcity. Each giant apple weighs between 1 and 2 pounds and has a gorgeous red peel. Unfortunately, each tree can only yield a certain amount, making mass production problematic. 
While they appeal to the Japanese love of precisely formed and colored fruit, many apple connoisseurs say the taste is nothing exceptional. So, if you’re looking for large apples that will stand out in your fruit bowl or want to present a spectacular fruit gift, the Sekai-ichi apple can be an excellent choice. However, more familiar kinds are better if you’re searching for crispness and flavor.

14. Sembikiya Cherry

Sembikiya Cherry

  • Price: $160 per box
Sembikiya cherries are grown in small glasshouses and constantly monitored to ensure that their size, color, and quality satisfy the strict standards for this premium fruit. Each one must be the same size and color for optimal visual appeal.
When they’re perfectly ripe and sweet, you’ll find them for sale in Sembikiya, Tokyo’s most famous luxury fruit store, in stunning, carefully arranged boxes of 40 for around $160.

15. Sembikiya Muskmelon

sembikiya muskmelon

  • Price: $150 or more per melon
This fruit differs from the others. Most fruits emit a lovely sweet perfume when cut, but this melon is designed to smell musky.
These watermelons are grown in Shizuoka, Japan. This location is sunny, yet the air temperature and moisture levels around these peculiar melons are carefully monitored. They are surrounded by air conditioners and heaters as needed.
While the aroma is not as enticing as other melons, the flavor is sweet and creamy.

16. Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan

Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan

  • Price: Rs 1 lakh
Pineapples from Europe show that rare and pricey fruit is not limited to Japan, only at the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, UK, where a limited quantity is painstakingly raised in a Victorian glasshouse known as the pineapple pit using an 18th-century process.
To generate heat in the pit, enormous volumes of fresh horse manure and urine-soaked hay are required, as well as excessive amounts of tender loving care to bring the pineapples to peak sweetness.
Because so few pineapples are produced yearly, they are unavailable on the market. If one were to be sold at auction, the price would be an eye-watering $16,000. However, they are distributed among Heligan’s extraordinarily productive garden personnel because they are never sold.

17. Egg of the Sun

egg of the sun
Source: Wikimedia
  • Price: Rs 2.7 lakh per kilo
Rani and Sankalp Parihar, orchardists, employed four guards and six dogs to preserve the unusual mangoes they’d grown and those worth Rs 2.7 lakh per kilo. The couple is presently growing seven mangoes, which are uncommon in India and are also known as sun eggs.
According to accounts, Sankalp Parihar was gifted mango saplings by a passenger on a train to Chennai. The couple planted two saplings in their orchard, unaware that the saplings would eventually bore the world’s most costly mangoes.

18. Heligan Pineapples

Heligan Pineapples
Source: Wikimedia
  • Price: around Rs 1,00,000

These pineapples can only be cultivated in the UK’s lost Garden of Heligan. The Lost Gardens of Heligan estimate that the pineapples are worth £1,000 (about Rs 1,00,000) each if the hours of labor that went into raising them are factored in. According to the BBC, horticulturists spent seven years and thousands of hours growing pineapples in a Victorian greenhouse.

19. Mango Miyazaki

Mango Miyazaki

  • Price: from $50 to $3,600

Because of its high sugar content and intense color, the Taiyo No Tamago mango, also known as Miyazaki mango, is one of the most sought-after fruits. This mango, typically produced in Japan, is the most costly in the world, with prices ranging from $50 to $3,600.

20. Hass Avocados

hass avocados

  • Price: $20 Per Avocado

One of the most well-known avocados is the Hass kind. It was patented in 1935 by Rudolph Hass, whose name honors the California mother tree from whence it originated.

When fully mature, the Hass avocado’s dark, rough skin transforms from green to purple-black. The fleshy fruit interior is velvety smooth, rich as butter, and faintly nutty. The high oil content of this variety of avocados is one of the reasons for its exceptional taste and smooth texture.

Hass avocados are high in monounsaturated fats, which are beneficial for your heart and contain many other nutrients, including fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate.

Final Words

The most expensive fruits are available in various shapes and sizes and are picked for their optimal characteristics, ranging from weight and height to shape and taste profiles.
Whether you enjoy exquisite strawberries or succulent watermelons, this guide should help you choose the best fruit.
As more fruits attract high costs, we’ll update this list to guarantee they’re included, so check back for the most up-to-date information.

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