Marriage Requirements in Georgia: What You Need To Know?

Are you getting married soon? If so, congratulations! Marriage is one of the most important milestones in your life. However; it’s also an expensive commitment to make. What marriage requirements do you need to know before getting married in Georgia?

You need marriage requirements like marriage license fees and marriage certificate forms just to get started. And then other marriage licenses might be needed based on your situation. Requirements for marriage are different from state to state, so you must know what Georgia requires before you hire a wedding planner or find your dream venue.

This article will tell you the marriage license fees, what documents are needed for marriage application, and other marriage requirements. You can find out more by reading on!

Marriage Requirement in Georgia:

Marriage requirements in Georgia diversified from state to state. When applying for marriage in Georgia, you need to know that your marriage is legal. No one wants to end up getting married illegally! To make sure that doesn’t happen, it’s important to be aware of the marriage requirements. A marriage license is required throughout all 50 states and territories by law.

Age Limit:

One of the marriage requirements is that both parties must be at least 18 years old before applying for a marriage license. If either party isn’t 18, they’ll need parental consent or court approval to obtain their marriage license.

If one spouse doesn’t meet the marriage age requirement, they may be able to get a marriage license with permission from their parent or legal guardian. This will still require parental consent forms and sometimes court approval. If you don’t have these marriage requirements readily available, you might not get your marriage license!

Evidence of Age

An applicant must provide proof of age when applying for marriage. This can include a certified copy of their birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license with proof of age listed on it.

Evidence of Divorce

This means that if either party were divorced in the past, they’d need proof of divorce before applying for a marriage license. If their previous marriage ended due to death, there’s no proof needed!

Getting a Marriage License:

After providing proof of age and proof of divorce, the marriage license will be issued. A marriage license in Georgia is valid for 30 days after it’s been filled out and signed by both parties to the marriage. If you don’t use a marriage license within this period, you’ll need to get another one!

Once a marriage has occurred, couples must file their marriage certificate with the marriage license with the county in which it took place. This marriage certificate is often called a marriage record or marriage return.

Fees For Marriage License:

The marriage fees vary by state, but Georgia costs $56 to $76 for both parties to get married. Of course, there are other types of licenses that might be needed depending on your situation.

If you are planning a destination wedding or getting married on federal land, marriage license fees might be different. If this is the case for your marriage, talk to someone in the marriage office about what marriage licenses will be required before applying.

Marriage ceremony:

After getting a marriage license, marriage ceremony arrangements must be made. This will include hiring an officiant or religious leader to marry you and your spouse, finding a venue for the wedding, planning your guest list and invitations, etc.

An officiant would examine your marriage license, marriage certificate, and sometimes divorce certificates if either party was married before. If everything checks out, the marriage officiant will perform a marriage ceremony! After that’s finished, both parties to the marriage are officially husband and wife!

Concluding on Marriage Requirements in Georgia:

Marriage requirements in Georgia are simple and straightforward. Make sure you know what marriage requirements will be needed before applying for a marriage license! After getting a marriage license, you can make your wedding special by having a marriage ceremony in any location you’d like. You can also invite your close one to celebrate with you!


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