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How to Make a YouTube Intro with InVideo?

The intro of any YouTube video is among its most essential parts. It is the intro that engages the audience of the video. The intro of the video is integral in deciding whether the viewers are going to continue watching the video after the first few seconds or not. In more ways than one, the destiny of a YouTube channel depends significantly on the first few seconds of the video, and it is hence imperative that an appropriate amount of attention is devoted to the intro of the video.

Several software and portals are available all over the internet solely for making and customizing the intro of your video. The choice of software depends on many different factors for the user, the video creator or editor. The most important factor among these is the ease of use of the software. Complicated software is often used only for particular tasks. The popularity of any YouTube intro maker lies in how easy it is to apply for a user who has no previous background, in video creation or editing.

InVideo is one such video editor that allows you to create perfect video intros for the content that you wish to post on YouTube. People of all levels of experience with video editing can use InVideo for the creation of intros for their YouTube videos. These intros are bound to look professionally made and concordant with the theme of the video. InVideo has several different USPs that make it one of the best portals for making YouTube video intros available anywhere on the internet. The following text lays out the steps to create a YouTube video intro using the InVideo browser portal.

  • Template: The template that you choose for your intro forms the base of the few seconds that are going to govern the destiny of the video that you post. InVideo provides to its users a whole collection of different templates. You can use the templates provided by InVideo in a large number of videos and situations. Different logo placements, designs and typefaces are available for the use of the video creator. Because of the presence of such a large number of templates, the user does not have to create the intro of the video from scratch. The presence of readymade templates provides a rigid and professional foundation upon which the video creator can develop the video. You can also effectively customize these templates as per the requirements of the user. This also leads to significant savings in the video creation time.
  • Background: The next step in creating an intro using InVideo is the choice of background. You may choose your background and add it to the video. InVideo also provides an extensive library of pictures that you can use as a background for the video. It is also essential to add here that you can use different backgrounds at different times in the video. You can use the background to provide a powerful impact on your video. It can significantly affect how the viewer looks at your video, and also impact the amount of time the viewers stay with your video. The background can also be edited and customized as per the needs of the creator of the video. This adds to the customizability of the video and allows the creator more options to make precisely the kind of video that is required.
  • Updating Text: The text of the intro of the video is its most important part. You can relay a lot of valuable information merely using the text that you add to the video. It is important to keep the text of the video free from grammatical errors as well as short and concise. The way the text appears and the typeface of the text are also crucial considerations which keep the user engaged throughout the length of the intro and onto the video. The user must note, however, that the amount of text that you add to any frame of the intro should not be so much that the font size has to be kept low. Additionally, the text must stay on screen for enough time that it is entirely readable.
  • Audio: The next step toward creating your perfect intro using InVideo is adding the background audio to the video. Along with what the viewer sees, what is heard by the viewer of the video is also essential. In case the video by itself is not enough, the audio that you add to the background can certainly help in keeping the user glued to the video. InVideo has an audio library with access to hundreds of royalty-free tracks that can be added to your video. These tracks are classified by theme so you may choose the right track for your video. The records can also be edited and customized as per the length of the video. More than one track can also be added to the video if the nature of the video requires the same to be done.
  • More Slides: InVideo is an intro and outro maker that has a particular USP in that it allows users to add more slides even beyond the time limit of the given template. This means that multiple templates, as well as static slides, can be used in the intro of your video. This capability of InVideo allows the user great flexibility in the kind and length of content that can be added to the intro of the video. This allows for multiple themes to be showcased in the same video, contributing to the versatility of the intro. Readymade slide templates are available in InVideo to add to the intro.

Hence, InVideo can be the perfect portal to create an intro for your YouTube video. So wear your creative hats, get set, and start creating! READ MORE: How to Upload YouTube Videos to Instagram?



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