How to Upload YouTube Videos to Instagram?

Instagram has become one of the most important social networks of the time. That is why we want to keep up with the technology it offers. Today we want to explain how to upload YouTube videos to Instagram.

Now we are showing you how to upload a video from YouTube to Instagram. As a result, surprise your friends and followers. Remember that to upload a video from your own mobile means having the video already uploaded to your team’s gallery. Then you access the Instagram app from the smartphone. Later you go to the icon of the stories, which is to say the image of the little camera located in the upper left.

Now you are going to select the icon in the form of a landscape. This will allow you to access your images and videos. From there you select it, without forgetting that if it is very long you should reduce it since it will only allow you to upload it if it is 6 seconds. Tags if you want, you place a comment and the location and that way you do it.

It is very likely that you have already a lot of experience when uploading images or videos from your smartphone, an action that you managed to improve with our help and your commitment. Yes, you have wondered how to upload a video from YouTube to your personal Instagram account? Here you will find the answer to some of your concerns. Upload YouTube Videos to your Instagram Stories

Upload YouTube Videos to Instagram in a Simple Way

We show you a very simple way to do it because you don’t need to download the video. It can be done by recording the video you want yourself. That is, from a computer or from another mobile device, you open the YouTube app, play the video. Then you record it with your cell phone, live from Instagram and then upload it to your stories in a regular way, as we already explained.

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone and tap the icon that corresponds to creating stories.
  • You access the option “make a live video”.
  • You proceed to record the video you want to publish.
  • Finally, you will publish the video with the corresponding comments, tags, and locations.

As you can see it is a very easy and comfortable way especially because you do not even have to download the video.

Once you follow these steps and overcome the challenge of uploading your video, as you continue running it will be much easier. Do not forget that technology, although it is a giant. We should not fear it because it is friendly and can become our best assistant. You just have to use it properly and we make the most of all its benefits.


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