How to Install a Ductless Range Hood?

Whether you believe it or not, range hoods serve the most in a modern kitchen. They filter out all those airborne greases that want to settle everywhere, causing you troubles in the cleanup. Usually, Range hoods come in various shapes, styles, and options, including ducted or ductless. 

Ductless range hoods eliminate polluted kitchen air, smoke, and unpleasant odor but using a charcoal filter. Since they are ductless, they can be installed almost anywhere. For These reasons, the best ductless range hood becomes an irreplaceable option for a modern kitchen.  

Wondering how to install a ductless range hood? Fortunately, we love to explain things, and we prepared an easy guideline to help you with the installation. So, give this a read. 

How to Install a Ductless Range Hood? 

Installing a ductless range hood is quick and easy! It’s inexpensive and provides better performance. Today, we will show you a quick way to update your kitchen with a ductless range hood. But before you begin, let’s look at the tools you will need for the installation.

Tools you will need 

  • Tape measure
  • Cardboard
  • A Pencil 
  • Level 
  • 2-inch drywall screws
  • An electric outlet 
  • Old workbox 
  • Electric circuit tester 
  • Screwdrivers 
  • Wire stripper 
  • Drill
  • A jigsaw 
  • Stud finder 
  • ⅛ inch drill bit 
  • And of course, a range hood

Now, follow these easy steps to let your kitchen breathe again!

Step 1

Before the installation, we always suggest the homeowners verify the operation of a range hood. To do that, plug in your range hood and check if light and fan controls are running properly. 

Step 2

The first true step of installing a range hood is determining the center of the wall or cabinet. Use a tape measure and cardboard to figure out the center point. If you want to install your range between two cabinets, the center must be exactly in the middle. But make sure you center it above the range to ceiling and install it under a cabinet. 

As soon as you decide on the center, use a level to draw a vertical line from the range of your ceiling. 

Step 3

With range hoods, placement is the key to a perfect installation. So, be very cautious about getting the measurements right. The hood should be placed 29 to 34 inches above your range mounting setup. Just make sure to place the chimney on the top of your range hood. 

Step 4

For ductless installation, use the included template to mark the cabinet for the hood. Measure and mark the hood centerline on the bottom of the cabinet. 

Step 5

Once you get the marks on your template, line it up with the line you drew on the cabinet. If you have a framed cabinet, fold over the rear edge of the templates so the depth matches the cabinet frame at the wall.  

Step 6

Now, it’s time to drill through the marks. Drill a ⅛ inch pilot hole for house wiring at a location on the template. Use a sharp pencil or a ⅛ inch drill bit to mark the points along the duct access hole. Remove the template from the cabinet. Connect the dots to draw the border for the exhaust ducting. Drill a ⅜ inch hole at a point along the line to start the jigsaw cut. Then cut the opening with the jigsaw.  

Step 7

When you are done drilling and cutting the vent hole, place your workbox against the emerging point to set up the circuit. Use the circuit tester to check all connections and mark the openings. After that, switch off the circuit control. 

Step 8

To connect the wires, use the wire stripper and strip a little wire from the edges of each insulated wire. Now, Bend the open ends to create a J shape. After that, loop it with the black wire coming from the electric receptacle. 

Step 9

Now, hold your range hood to place it with the mounting screws. Look for the studs behind your hood with a stud finder and anchor them at the spots you’ve marked.

Step 10

After securing all the connections, plug your range hood into an electric outlet. Give it a check if it’s working fine. 

Step 11

The ultimate step would be to take your range hood filters and set them in place. 


You may want someone to assist you, but ductless installation is a one-person job. It’s easy, quick, and simple. Also, do not forget to protect your range by covering it with plywood or cardboard sheets. It will keep the ductless range hood safe under your cabinet. 

Hope these easy steps are something of your help and take you to an appealing and functioning kitchen. 

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