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Google Doodle Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Animated Raining Hearts

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Google’s homepage featured a doodle of moving water droplets to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. The doodling shows two depressed water droplets breaking apart drastically before reuniting to form a cheerful heart.

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The search engine reportedly wrote, “No matter the weather, will you be mine? Today’s Google Doodle honors Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year when people all over the world show their appreciation for their loved ones, friends, and partners by exchanging presents, greetings, and other forms of communication.”

During the Middle Ages, people in countries such as England and France may have mistakenly believed that a certain day marked the beginning of the season in which birds reproduce. They started associating this happening with the concept of love, which eventually led to a celebration of love. According to Google, the celebration’s heyday was in the 17th century when it first acquired widespread attention.

It is commonly believed that the term Valentine’s Day was taken from a Roman Catholic priest named Saint Valentine who lived around the third century and passed away on February 14, 270 AD. He is venerated as the patron saint of those in romantic relationships. He is typically connected to sentimental concepts such as love and affection. It should be brought to your attention that his genuine identity and background remain a mystery.

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It doesn’t matter if someone takes Valentine’s Day very seriously or is more laid back about extravagant gestures; it is always a pleasant feeling to proclaim your love to the one who is most important to you. Personalized presents are a fantastic option to consider when you are shopping for a present to give to a person who holds a particular place in your heart. Putting photographs of your significant other on mugs, T-shirts, and pillows can make those you love happy.

Other alternatives include fragrances, wallets, cosmetics, and personal care products. If you’ve tried all of the other possible Valentine’s Day gifts and come up empty-handed, you can always put a romantic spin on the traditional flower arrangement by including a few thoughtful extras in the bouquet. It is possible to create a lovely bouquet out of fresh flowers by inserting chocolates at various intervals.

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