Facebook is Testing Video Speed Dating App

Facebook’s video speed dating app is called Sparked. This app allows users to go on four minute video speed dates. Facebook is reportedly testing this new app.

The app is developed by Facebook team — New Product Experimentation that works on experimental services. The theme of the dating app is kindness. The video speed-dating app seems to be free to use, and there will be no public profiles either, reports The Verge.

The app users will go through a cycle of dates in each event. Also, it is not clear that how many dates a person will go through the event. If the users can be connected in the first four minutes, they will be permitted to go on a second date. And the second step of the video date will last for 10 minutes. After this, this speed-video date will advice the users to share contact info to stay in touch outside of the platform.

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Facebook is now working on the app progress, the social media platform told The Verge. This is an “early experiment”, Facebook said.

According to The Verge, Video dating only recently became a popular idea, mostly spurred by the pandemic and people staying at home and limiting their in-person interactions. The League first launched a video speed-dating feature in 2019, and since then, Hinge and Tinder have also launched the ability for people to have video chats with matches.

Sparked would mirror The League’s approach and seems to suggest that the company is experimenting with new ways to get people to date as they get sick of swiping and filtering through hundreds of profiles, The Verge reports.

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