Facebook Announces New Audio Product to Fight Clubhouse

Facebook announced on Monday a series of new audio-based products and features. The products and features will see the light of day in the coming months. The development came after the popular Clubhouse application, which has seen very pronounced growth so far this year.

People can listen and interact with the speakers virtually through this Clubhouse-like products, Reuters report.

In a corporate blog post Facebook team led by Mark Zuckerberg gave details of four different voice-related services. The products that surprised the most were the podcast platform and the creation of spaces to broadcast live audio.

Clubhouse is a mixture of a virtual conference and an interactive podcast. Users through Clubhouse can create rooms to discuss in principle on any subject.

The social network currently limits the number of users through two mechanisms. It is only available for Apple devices and also uses an “invitation principle”. That means only those who are invited by an existing user can have a voice. Both factors mean that it is mainly used by celebrities, politicians and prominent figures in the media.

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Additionally, Facebook began public testing of a new application dubbed Hotline earlier in April. Through this, creators can speak and take live questions from an audience.

This Q&A product combines audio with text and video elements. Also, this product comes as social media platforms experiment with a rush of new live audio features.

Twitter will Launch Audio Service in April

In early March, Twitter also announced the launch of Spaces, its audio service where anyone can create their own public conversations, to compete with Clubhouse.

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