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Ernest Khalimov Height, Age, Full Bio, Net Worth, and Career Updates in 2024

Ernest Khalimov

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Ernest Khalimov is a well-known Russian bodybuilder, model, fitness trainer, Internet personality, and business owner. Among his fans, he is also known as Sophie GigaChad. Ernest Khalimov Height is 6 feet 11 inches. He was born in Moscow, Russia, and he went to school until he graduated, but we don’t know the name of his school right now.

Even though he has graduated, he hasn’t said anything about his college. Ernest Khalimov was born and raised in Moscow. He became well-known when he was chosen to be a model for the Sleek N Tears project. It was said that he died in a car crash last year, but that is untrue. He is living a happy and successful life right now.

He got a lot of name recognition and fame because he was great at physics. Ernest Khalimov has also been in many shoots and men’s clothing catalogues, which have helped make him well-known in Russia and worldwide. Even though he is usually called “GigaChad,” there has been some debate about whether or not he is real. There was also a rumour that this character had died, but Ernest answered our questions with a long Instagram post.

Who is Ernest Khalimov?

In 2017, rumours about Ernest Khalimov began to spread on the internet. Some said he was a real person, while others said a computer made him. He became famous somehow, and people wanted to know everything about him. Ernest Khalimov was born in Russia on March 1, 1969, under the zodiac sign of Pisces. He is a fitness trainer, bodybuilder, and model for the Sleek N Tears project. His birth sign is Pisces. He might be a real person, but no physical proof exists. His alter ego, GigaChad is Krista Sudmalis’s art project.

But there were rumours that GigaChad is a digitalized character that Krista made as a tribute to her father. There was a photo of Krista when she was three years old in her father’s arms, and GigaChad looks a lot like that man.

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Ernest Khalimov’s Biography

Full Name

Ernest Khalimov

Nick Name




Birth Date

March 1, 1969

Birth Place

Moscow, Russia


54 Years Old

Marital Status












Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$1.5 million (approx.)


Fashion Model, Bodybuilder, Fitness Trainer, and Entrepreneur

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color

Dark Brown


6 ft 11 in (210 cm)


98 kg (216 lbs)

Ernest Khalimov’s Career

Ernest Khalimov Height
Graphics Credit:

Ernest Khalimov became well-known after he was chosen as a model for the Sleek N Tears project. He had a perfect jawline and a strong body. He is a prominent Russian bodybuilder, fitness expert, internet celebrity, and business owner. Ernest Khalimov was well-known, famous, and well-liked because of his appearance. He has been in many shoots and catalogs for menswear, which has made him more well-known in Russia and on the internet.

She started her career by being a model for a lot of companies. He first got a lot of attention when his pictures were made fun of on all the major social media sites. People wondered if he was real or just a digital idea after a picture of him with two other people who looked just like him went viral on the internet. But he is a real person. Even though he was getting trolled and memes, he always kept going and didn’t care about them. He is one of the best male models in the world right now. Also, more than 1M people follow him on his Instagram account, Berlin,1969.

He worked with Krista Sudmalis to start Gigachad NFT Classification. The NFT was only available on Opensea and Raible, so only 146 items were made. Many people have bought and sold pieces from the art project, which shows its importance. Gigachad NFT has a minimum value of 0.8 ETH and a total trading capacity of 34.6 ETH as of October 2021. Ernest is also a good person who helps other people. He has done a lot of charity work for kids who don’t have much. Ernest Khalimov also cares about animals. He has two dogs, and their names are Boris and Max. 

Ernest Khalimov Height and Age


Ernest Khalimov is a businessperson from Russia. Ernest Khalimov height is 6′ 11″ in feet, 2.10 m in meters, and 210 cm in centimeters. GigaChad, also known as Ernest Khalimov, became well-known on the internet after people made memes from his viral images. There are a lot of GagChad memes to choose from on the internet. He became famous in a short amount of time. GigaChad also thanked everyone for their positive energy and kind words.


His parents gave birth to him in Moscow, Russia, on 1 March 1969. He might be called Ernest Khalimov in real life, say rumors. His age is 54 years old as of 2024. Ernest Khalimov is single and more interested in his work than in his personal life. On his Instagram, he posts a picture of himself with Krista Sudmalis. Krista Sudmalis is a well-known digital designer and photographer for a living.

The Truth of Ernest Khalimov Being the Gigachad

How is it that someone could be so perfect? This was the question people asked most often after the Gigachad memes got much attention. Many of us thought that the photos had been changed to make money.

But in April 2020, a tweet from Mark Meechan, a Scottish YouTuber Count Dankula, added a new twist. When Dankula found out the truth about Gigachad, it looked like he was shocked.

Dankula wrote in the caption, “For a long time I thought the gigachad meme was CGI or photoshop, but it’s actually a real guy lmao.” But many of Dankula’s followers retweeted that the photos were partly photoshopped and that Ernest’s girlfriend did it.

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The Man Behind GigaChad

Most of you probably know that Ernest Khalimov, a professional Russian model, bodybuilder, fitness trainer, and entrepreneur, is behind the GigaChad.

But unfortunately, not many people know about him. His meme is more well-known than he is. Ernest was born in Moscow, Russia, on March 1, 1969. He works as a model in Russia and lives there, so he must be Russian. However, some people think he is from Turkey or Azerbaijan.

What is the Chad Meme?

USA Today says that a chad is a slang word for a man who is very handsome or sure of himself. Since pictures of Ernest have been posted online, people have been shocked by his “ultra-masculine” personality and “perfect” looks.

It has led to a steady stream of online memes that make fun of the idea that the model is a “GigaChad” or “Ultimate Man,” as the Urban Dictionary calls them.

People seem to agree on this so much that there is now a debate about whether the model is real or just a clever piece of CGI. This is because, besides the few online photos of Ernest, there are no videos of him.

There are a lot of other models in Sleek’N’Tears YouTube videos, but none of them is Ernest. The “GigaChad” is also not very active on the internet, and brand deals are said to interest him still not. Because of this, the story of the “man from the Chad memes” keeps going.

Why Are Ernest’s Memes More Popular Than Him?

Ernest has a body that could beat Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who played Rambo and the Terminator, respectively. Because his memes are already so popular, he should be more well-known, so why isn’t anyone talking about him?

Ernest doesn’t like any marketing ideas. There is a YouTube channel called More Plates More Dates, and one of their videos says that GigaChad is not up for marketing.

In the video, a man shows Krista, who runs Sleek and Tears, his texts in which he says he wants to reach out to Ernest to see if he wants a sponsor. Krista responds that Ernest doesn’t work with anyone.

Is Ernest Khalimov Photoshopped? – Doubts About GigaChad

There is no way to know if he is a real person or if he was made up based on a real person. Some things support both sides of the argument, making it hard to decide if he is real. Ernest’s popularity grew after the Russian photographer Krista Sudmalis used him as a model for her Sleek N Tears art project. The art project, which is about what makes a man beautiful, had five main models, and GigaChad was one of them.

After Ernest Khalimov’s memes went viral in 2017, many people on social media began to wonder if he wasn’t a real person but a computer programmer. The model looked too good to be real. She had a perfectly chiseled jawline, great muscles, and was very tall. People think that he has everything that makes a man look good.

Some people said Krista had photoshopped her boyfriend, Artur Farad, into GigaChad. Krista takes and shares GigaChad’s photos, which supports the idea that he is, in fact, something she made up. Since Ernest doesn’t use social media, it’s hard to know whether he’s real. But some people believe Khalimov is a real person. Some pictures of him that look like they were taken in real life have been released, and he seems genuine.

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Ernest Khalimov Net Worth And Salary

Ernest is a very well-known bodybuilder and fitness model who makes most of his money from brand endorsements and appearances for different brands, both online and in person. He also gets her net worth because she is a very well-known Instagram star with thousands of loyal and devoted followers on Instagram. Because of how many people follow him on Instagram and how often he models for menswear brands, he could immediately make thousands of dollars.

Ernest Khalimov net worth has $1.5 million (estimated). He makes most of his money from modeling and sponsorships. He has been a model for a lot of different fashion brands. But he mostly works with fashion brands for men. He makes a lot of money by promoting different brands on his Instagram account. He has more than 1M followers and gets an average of 127k likes and 24% engagement. We think that a sponsored post brings in anywhere from $1,600 to $2,700 for him.

Khalimov has made ads for Nike, Adidas, and Calvin Klein, among other companies. He has also been paid to take pictures of well-known people like Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian.

Ernest Khalimov’s Personal Life and Relationship

He doesn’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend right now. Nevertheless, he used to be with the beautiful Russian model Anastasia Kvitko. Also, they started seeing each other in 2016 and broke up in 2018. Ernest is focused on his job and is not looking for a girlfriend.

Also, as was said above, Ernest Khalimov, also known as Gigachad, was born and raised in Moscow. On March 1, 1969, Ernest was born. He was named after his grandfather, Ernest, and he and his father grew up in a small apartment. Later, when he was 12, he went to work at McDonald’s as a watchman. At the time, he had no idea that it would make him famous and make a lot of money.

He has two handsome younger brothers, and his older brother is a boxer named Mike Khalimov, who stopped boxing in 2011. On the other hand, Mike lifted weights for Italy in an international competition. He is a real person who uses social media to let people know he exists. He keeps telling everyone about his fitness campaign and gets them excited about living a strong and healthy life.

8 Interesting Facts About GigaChad ‘Ernest Khalimov’

  • Sources say that after GigaChad finished his higher education, he went to work as a fitness model.
  • He is also a professional bodybuilder and fitness trainer, in addition to being a model.
  • He had the right amount of muscle and was in good shape.
  • Since GigaChad was a fitness model, he worked for many well-known menswear brands.
  • He was also the face of many fitness brands.
  • Some news sources say that (GigaChad) Ernest Khalimov height is about 6 feet 11 inches (in meters 2.1 m). About 98 kilograms is how much he weighs (approx.).
  • As of June 2021, more than 1M people follow GigaChad’s Instagram account called “berlin.1969.”
  • On December 10, 2016, he made his first Instagram post.

Why is Ernest Khalimov a Gay Man’s Fantasy?

Men are visual creatures. We are naturally drawn to people we find physically attractive, even if they have bad personalities. This is true for both straight men and gay men. What makes straight and gay men different is what kind of attraction they want. Straight men are interested in being men, while gay men are interested in being women. Because of this, many gay men are especially attracted to men with muscled bodies. I know this because I’ve done it and seen it on social media. Even if a guy doesn’t have a cute face, girls will still look up to him if he has a good or athletic body.

I think a cute face is more attractive than a chiseled body. I can see, though, that this is not the case in the LGBTQ community. Even bisexual and gay men with athletic bodies hide some of their features to look more athletic. Many of them want to be as big and robust as Hulk Hogan. Khalimov is a gay sexual fantasy because he looks just like him.

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Ernest Khalimov Car Accident – Death Rumors

Ernest Khalimov, also known as GigaChad, was said to have died in a car accident on April 26, 2021. There was no information about where or how the accident happened, so the news of his death only spread on the internet. Even though no reliable source could confirm this news and there were no police records of this accident, his fans were devastated and sent love and support to his (supposed) family.

But on May 19, 2021, a new photo with the caption “Hello” was posted to the Instagram account “berlin.1969.” I appreciate your lovely comments and messages, but you should tell me something interesting about science or history. Don’t use slang.

If the next shoot doesn’t turn out well, if I don’t come back to life after a car accident, or if I never become real, my little artist @sleekntears will fix it. (Vanduo ir laikas šito plienas nenuplaus. Nadeus’) Giga Chad’s army, thanks for paying attention. Have a pleasant day.

The Lithuanian sentence means, “Water and time will not wash this steel.” According to some sources, Krista is of mixed Russian and Lithuanian descent, leading to new rumors that GigaChad was a made-up character by Krista.


Ernest Khalimov is a bodybuilder, a fashion model, and a fitness trainer. He became famous because of his vast body frame and almost perfect body. He is passionate about helping people get fit and works with other fitness fans to improve people’s health and fitness.

There was a rumor that he was in a car accident and had died because of it. Later, it was shown that the news was false. We hope learning about Ernest Khalimov’s salary, net worth, career, and personal life was fascinating. If you have questions or thoughts, please write them down below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ernest Khalimov Height

Who is Ernest khalimov?

Ernest Khalimov is a Russian model and bodybuilder who goes by the name “GigaChad.” He isn’t very well-known outside of the “GigaChad” memes. Even in the “Sleek N Tears” project, he was only known as “1969,” so it’s not surprising that many people are surprised to learn that he’s a natural person.

Who is the real GigaChad?

GigaChad is a professional fitness model, bodybuilder, fitness trainer, Internet face, and business owner from Moscow, Russia. His real name is Ernest Khalimov, born in 1969. As a model, GigaChad mainly works for brands that make clothes for men.

What is GigaChad’s real name?  

The original and most popular GigaChad, shown above, is said to be a Russian model named Ernest Khalimov, who isn’t well-known outside of the meme. People are often surprised to learn that he’s a real person, not a CGI creation.

Where did the GigaChad meme come from?

Back in 2017, the “GigaChad” meme started to spread. It was first used on 4chan as an archetype for a guy considered the perfect example of hypermasculinity. The word caught on with many incels (people who don’t want to have sexual relationships).

How can I be like GigaChad?

In reality, Gigachad is just Photoshop. He doesn’t exist. If you want a great body, you should stop eating commercial dairy and simple carbs and switch to real dairies, like raw unpasteurized milk from a 100% grass-fed cow, which is very expensive, and purple sweet potatoes, which are a good source of carbs.

How tall is Ernest Khalimov?

Ernest Khalimov height is 6 feet 11 inches.

What is the opposite of a chad?

Chads are sometimes portrayed as the opposite of “omega” or “beta” males and physically attractive. People sometimes use “Chad” to mean “the slayer.”

Is GigaChad a CGI?

The original and most popular GigaChad, shown above, is said to be a Russian model named Ernest Khalimov, who isn’t well-known outside of the meme. People are often surprised to learn that he’s a real person, not a CGI creation.

What is nationality Ernest khalimov(Gigachad)?

Ernest Khalimov (Gigachad) is a Russian citizen.

What is the Networth of Ernest Khalimov?

The amount of money Ernest Khalimov has is about $1 million.

Who made GigaChad?

So, who is this guy, and what does he think of all the “GigaChad” memes that have made him famous? Ernest Khalimov is a Russian model and bodybuilder named “GigaChad,” also known as “Average Enjoyer.”

What is Gigachad on twitch?

The Russian model Ernest Khalimov is shown in different poses in the animated emoticon GIGACHAD. The emoticon is often used to describe an alpha male who is also very attractive. It can also be used funnily to tease someone.

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