Why are there Different Types of Shoes?

Shoes not only help us in locomotion but also serve different functions in our daily life. There are several types of shoes; all of these apart from protecting feet from any injury, serve their own distinct function.  We cannot spend our whole life wearing shoes. Shoes are needed on almost all occasions. There are few places where we don’t need to wear shoes e.g

  • Grass
  • Carpet
  • Foam
  • Bed, sofas, etc

Different types of shoes serving different functions:

Shoes for sports:

Those shoes which we wear at home cannot be used while going on sports. Sports shoes are specially designed for the purpose of different games. Their sole is hard and the upper surface is made up of special leather than can bear strikes, hits, and stunts. Visit https://www.savingroots.com/store/aldo-coupon-code

They give additional support to feet so the person can play comfortably throughout. Sports shoes are also termed athletic shoes. Within athletic shoes there are again different types for example:

  • Shoes for football
  • Shoes for tennis
  • Shoes for basketball
  • Shoes for cricket
  • Shoes for horse riding etc.

All these shoes are a little bit different from each other in their design and making material.

Shoes for exercise:

Shoes for exercise are different from other types of shoes. These are designed in a way that they can tolerate different types of pressure and bends in their body. A person wearing common shoes during exercise will feel less comfortable than a man exercising with specially designed shoes.

It provides comfort, padding, support, and a special fit to the feet so the man can perform his different activities conveniently. For example shoes for jumping contain special shock-absorbing pads inside, which protect the feet during jumps.

These shoes include:

  • Shoes for running
  • Shoes for weight lifting
  • Shoes for jumping

Party shoes:

These shoes are worn at parties so they are designed accordingly. These are decorated and fancy shoes these include:

  • Sandals
  • Heels
  • Oxfords
  • Slingbacks

Casual shoes:

These shoes are simply designed to be worn in daily life activities at home. These are easy to wear and easy to remove. Usually, they are heel-less and flat.

These include:

  • Flip flops

Shoes for professional use:

These types of shoes are well fitted for professional use like in offices, schools, colleges, etc. these are usually closed and cover the whole foot. These are usually worn with socks. Also, visit https://www.savingalley.com/store/cettire-discount-code

Shoes for a high level of protection:

When a high degree of protection is required shoes other than all the above types are needed. for example in situations like:

  • Walkthrough fire,
  • Running in water,
  • Passing through an acid spill,
  • Walking through extreme hot places like sand in summer,
  • Walking through fields where there is a danger of being bitten by a snake or any other poisonous insect.

Shoes that are designed to pass through these situations are boots. These are made up of leather and special plastic, and they cover the feet above the ankle. Some boots also cover the legs up to the knees. These include

  • Steel-toe boots
  • Army boots
  • Desert boots
  • Knee-high boots
  • Insulated boots


There are different types of shoes that are chosen according to the need of the person. Shoes have also become the demand of the fashion today. We have to wear different shoes according to the fashion, season, dress and occasion.


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