Get Vaccinated Against Covid-19? Here’s List of Countries You can Travel

Many have not been able to travel outside the country so far due to the pandemic. But if you take the Covid-19 vaccine, you can travel to different countries. Let’s find out which countries will allow travelers.


The population in Iceland is also quite low due to extreme cold. Tourists do not visit these countries much. But if you can bear the cold, you can travel to this country. The sun is also seen in Iceland at night. This sun is best seen in June.

It is completely half the day and night in the months of March and September. And in December it is 20 hours a day night. If you get vaccinated, you can travel to this country without a quarantine. The government of the country is going to introduce the rule from May 1.

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Seychelles is an island nation in East Africa. The name of the state is unknown to many. The small state consists of 115 islands. In ancient times it was a trade connecting place between Asia and Africa. There were also many pirates’ hideouts. At present, the population is less than 1 lakh.

Members of the East India Company used to travel to the island and enter India. This island of Africa is witness to many history. The daily cost of living here is also very low. Even if you want to travel to this country, you will need Coronavirus vaccine.


In this European country too, you can travel only if you are inoculated with Coronavirus vaccine. Located just south of the Black Sea, the country is a tourist paradise. The country is always crowded with tourists for its tremendous natural beauty. Romania will welcome you after 10 days of taking the vaccine.

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Cyprus is the third largest country in the Mediterranean. Geographically its position is in Asia but politically it is part of Europe. Cyprus is one of the developed countries of Europe. Even today, history is spreading all over the country.

If you go to this island nation surrounded by sea, you will also see the mountains. Rich in the smell of antiquity, there is no diminishing modernity in the country. The doors of this country are also open for tourists who are taking the Covid-19 vaccine. There might be no more restrictions on travel to Cyprus from this month.


Babylon, the city of Beirut, is located in Lebanon. The ruins of Egypt, Greece, Persia, Rome, Arab, and Crusader are scattered all over the country.

Babylon’s hanging garden, built by Emperor Nebuchadnezzar, is also one of the seventh wonders in the world. Tourists will also be able to travel to this country if they have taken Covid-19 vaccine.

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Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is planning to fully reopen to vaccinated visitors by October this year. The plan also seeks to waive a 14-day mandatory quarantine requirement for travelers.

This will allow thousands of vaccinated Europeans who usually spend their winter months in Phuket. The island is also working to provide private Covid-19 vaccinations for 250,000 residents, media report.


Georgia is situated at the intersection of eastern Europe and West Asia. The country becomes the first country to remove entry restrictions for all vaccinated passengers.

All international tourists have been allowed to enter the country when they have been inoculated with both doses of their Coronavirus vaccines and can also show requisite proof, a report of the Independent said.


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