What is PPF? Everything You Need to Know

We need cars to get to many places in life. They are designed to get us through vast terrains of forests, highways, beaches, mountains, cities, and suburbs.

The main goal of a car is to safely get us from point A to point B in the most efficient and stylish way possible.

And when it comes to car owners, there really are two types. There is the car owner that simply sees their car as a mode of transportation and uses it daily. Then, there is the car owner who is more of a car enthusiast, and would rather wax, polish, and care for their car by having it safely remain within their garage.

No one though likes having the paint of your car chip off. It is one of the most frustrating parts of a car to fix and the rocks, weather, and other debris that your car wards off can cause real paint damage that ends up being costly and timely to fix.

Luckily you can have a ppf car, meaning that it is coated in paint protection film that ensures your car will always look spick and span regardless of the environments you have it drive through.

Defining Paint Protection Film

So how does paint protection film (ppf) actually work? In short, think of it like a thin and supportive wrap that goes around the body of your car. It is clear, so does not impact the design of your car in any way. But what it does do is provide a flexible layer that can literally protect it from rocks, debris or other external threats you may encounter while driving. 

The material used for ppf is known as polyurethane film and is normally around 8mm in terms of thickness. But this material does come with a price tag and is most often found wrapped around luxury cars.

But the truth be told, you do not solely have to have a luxury car to have a ppf car. If you are willing to invest financially in it, you can pretty much have this layer of important protection on any vehicle that you like.

Providing Superior Protection

If you really love and cherish your car, then you should certainly consider wrapping it in ppf for the sake of giving it that extra layer of protection. While every car usually has some clear coat of protection on it, the next level of thickness that ppf provides your car with can be a real lifesaver if something really devastating comes into contact with your car.

Plus, the ppf is not just protecting your car against flying objects or debris. It is also protecting the paint from getting faded out by the UV rays, ensuring your car looks brand new for as long as possible.

Easy to Maintain and Replace

Another great benefit of having a ppf layer on your car is that if a scratch or damage does occur, it is a much simpler fix than if the damage happened directly to the body of your car. Usually, a professional detailer is able to heal the damage by simply melting away the crack, scratch, or hole. It really is as simple as that and can make for a much more cost-effective solution in the long run.

Lasts A Long, Long Time

While the upfront investment of a ppf is a bit steeper, it provides your car with much more long-term protection. In general, most ppf wraps can last upwards of five-plus years. The trick with ppf is really the more you put into investing in it, the longer the protection will last for you. So do not go cheap if you are looking for long-term durability and protection.

Have a Professional Help You

Applying ppf to your own car is something you should leave to the professionals. You do not want to risk wrapping it the wrong way when a true expert can do it seamlessly for you. The way it works is that the film of the ppf is applied through a multi-step process and is cut out to fit your car to perfection.

Once applied, the pros will then use a sponge to make sure that every inch of the ppf is perfectly stuck to your car and that there are no air bubbles or wrinkles. And yes, the ppf will likely go over your mirrors and headlights too.


We are all now familiar with PPE after living through the pandemic for the last two years. PPF is essentially PPE but for your own car. Providing your vehicle with enhanced protection is something that is well worth considering, especially as it helps keep the value of your vehicle much higher than it would be without it. 

With so many benefits of having your car wrapped in ppe, there is no reason to not consider getting it done today.  

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