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Pele Eterno: What International Media Say about Death of Soccer King

On Friday, newspapers all over the world reported that Brazilian football star Pelé has died at the age of 82.

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The Guardian has a picture of the star sitting on the shoulders of his teammates and fans in Mexico City after Brazil won the 1970 World Cup final.

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Richard Williams says that he was “a player who gave everyone the gift of his skills.”

O Globo, one of Brazil’s leading newspapers, has published an unprecedented four editions, each with a cover depicting a distinct stage in Pelé’s career. The newspaper’s headline simply says “Pelé Eterno,” or “Pelé Eternal” in English.

“Goodbye to Pelé, ‘the king’ of football,” says Spain’s El Pas with a picture of that famous World Cup win in 1970.

On its front pages, the French sports newspaper L’Équipe uses the colors of Brazil. The newspaper has a full-page picture of a young Pelé and says, “He was a king.”

The Mirror also has a picture of Pelé celebrating at the World Cup in 1970 and says that he is “The best.” “World hails ‘divine’ genius who made football beautiful,” says the paper.

The French newspaper Libération has a full-page photo of Pelé with the words, “Brazil’s legendary footballer and three-time world champion died Thursday at age 82.”

The Daily Record, a newspaper in Scotland, calls it the “Death of a legend.” The sports world is “in mourning” over the death of the only person to win the World Cup three times. This is written in the paper.

The last thing the Sun says about the death of the “King of Football” is that “Lineker and Mbappe lead tributes.”



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