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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

“Pele is FOREVER”: Neymar Pens Emotional Tribute

Neymar, the PSG player praised his contribution to sport and emphasized the fact that his legacy will endure. On social media, he said: “Before Pele, 10 was just a number. Before Pele, football was just a sport. He turned football into art, into entertainment.”

He continued: “He gave a voice to the poor, to blacks, and visibility to Brazil. He is gone, but his magic remains. Pele is FOREVER.”

King of Football, Pele has died in hospital at the age of 82 on Thursday. 

Neymar and Pele share the top spot on Brazil’s list of all-time goal scorers at the moment. Although Pele did so in somewhat less games, both guys have scored 77 goals for their nation. The legend scored the nation’s first goal at the youngest age ever.

When Neymar equaled Pele’s goal-scoring record, which many anticipate he will go on to surpass, Pele gave Neymar gratitude.

The king of football stated: “I watched you develop, I supported you always, and now I can finally congratulate you on scoring my desired number of goals with Brazil. We are both aware that this is not just a number. As athletes, our main responsibility is to motivate. Encourage the younger generations, our current teammates, and most importantly, all fans of our sport.”


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