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Volvo XC60 Recharge Specification, Price, Reviews, pictures in 2023

Volvo XC60 Recharge Review

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The 2023 Volvo XC60 is a premium SUV that stands out from the crowd thanks to its sophisticated appearance and well-executed engineering. As a result, it is a standout option in its segment. In addition to having a finely designed exterior, the inside of the XC60 is an excellent example of well-tailored simplicity.

Think of it as Prada meets IKEA. There are three different powertrains with four cylinders available: the 247-horsepower B5, the 295-horsepower B6, and the 455-horsepower T8 plug-in hybrid. All of them are generally efficient in terms of fuel consumption and provide a pleasant driving experience. Their levels of acceleration range from brisk to lightning-fast, depending on the engine that the driver selects.

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Additionally, technology is a priority, as seen by the fact that Volvo makes popular driver-assistance and safety systems standard equipment. The infotainment interface of the XC60, which is based on Google, is not to our liking; nonetheless, despite the fact that it does not have a particularly pleasing appearance, it functions adequately. The Audi Q5 and the BMW X3, both of which have increased cargo space, are two examples of more practically oriented compact SUVs than their competitors. However, the internal space of the Volvo isn’t far behind, and it more than makes up for these slight inadequacies with its great exterior appeal.

How does the XC60 Recharge Drive?

When operating in hybrid mode, not many plug-in hybrids can boogie as well as this XC60. At our test track, its 455 horses were let to run free, which resulted in a 4.7-second acceleration to 60 miles per hour and a jaw-dropping speed of 107.6 miles per hour at the quarter-mile mark. This is consistent with the way things are in the actual world, which consists of a continuous rush from the moment you start moving until the moment you decide you’ve had enough.

However, that is with every available person and with the four-cylinder engine in operation. How about in the method of pure electric propulsion? The word “sufficient” comes to mind when we try to think of the best way to describe it. No one will be impressed by the time it takes to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 11.6 seconds, but there is enough power to keep up with city traffic, and a new regenerative braking mode that will be available in 2022 will make it possible to drive with only one pedal, just like a genuine electric vehicle. If you find yourself in need of additional power suddenly – a significant amount of additional power — just press the accelerator all the way down while holding the kick-down switch, and help will be on its way.

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When driving around town in hybrid mode, by the way, the electric assist is typically ready to provide instant and noiseless part-throttle torque, which gives the impression that the vehicle is very responsive. However, there are times when you can catch it napping.

When it comes to turning and stopping, the XC60 Recharge T8 performs really well. On twisting roads, the adaptive suspension performs like a miracle, making the XC60 feel remarkably planted at cornering speeds that are within reasonable limits. We were able to complete a panic stop at our test track in 116 feet while using all-season tires, which is a number that puts a lot of other vehicles, especially lighter ones, to shame. The brakes felt capable as well.

How Comfortable is the XC60 Recharge?

In a single word, very. The front and back seats are outstanding, and they have a neat wool covering that has everyone on our crew gushing about how nice it is. The rear seat, in particular, deserves credit for the exceptionally supportive bottom cushion that it has. This cushion is high enough to offer excellent thigh support without losing headroom, which is a nice trick in an SUV that has a somewhat low roofline. Compliance with the suspension over a variety of surfaces was typically satisfactory and very sometimes unsatisfactory.

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Even on really warm days, the temperature control system performed admirably, and we particularly enjoy the way it sends air to the back seats by way of vents mounted at chest height on the door pillars rather than the more conventional vents located on the back of the center console. The Volvo receives a slight deduction for the reoccurring wind noise around the side mirrors, as well as some for the noise coming from the roof, but the road noise is rarely an issue. The vibration that comes from the four-cylinder engine can be felt at times, but it does not cause any issues.

How’s the Interior Volvo XC60 Recharge?

Volvo XC60 Recharge
Photo Credit: volvocars

The XC60 is a pleasantly easy SUV to live with, with the exception of the fairly contentious touchscreen that features a “portrait mode.” We’ll discuss this touchscreen in the following section. The seating position mimics that of a chair, there is ample sight in all directions, and the placement and adjustability of the steering wheel are exceptional, all of which contribute to the nearly ideal nature of the driving position. Both the front and the back seats offer exceptional space for passengers. You can easily hop in and out of it without any effort because you simply slide in at hip level rather than climbing up or lowering yourself down.

The one thing about the plug-in XC60 that is truly unpleasant is the joystick-like shift lever. This shift lever does not include the typical “skip neutral, please!” detents, so the driver must shove it twice every time in order to pick a drive or reverse. It is far too simple to find yourself neutral, which is something you almost never want to do, and you are required to double-click in order to complete a task that could be completed with a single click.

How’s the Volvo XC60 Recharge Tech?

Volvo XC60 Recharge Tech
Photo Credit: volvocars

The touchscreen, which is placed vertically, is likely the element of the XC60 that causes the most controversy. Because there are so few actual buttons, the control scheme has been substantially streamlined as a result of this, which is a positive aspect. However, some features that are frequently utilized are buried multiple screens deep. One example of this is the drive-mode menu, which you may frequently use to switch between hybrid and electric operation, as well as to tell the vehicle to keep the available electric miles or charge the battery while it is being driven. The result of the screen being in portrait mode is that it makes the display for the backup camera appear to be of an inappropriately tiny size.

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Aside from a few minor issues with the interface, the XC60’s integration of Google features is, for the most part, satisfying. This includes voice controls for the Google Assistant as well as an outstanding Google Maps display that appears between the gauges. Apple CarPlay functions faultlessly, but wireless capabilities are not currently accessible in the system. The adaptive cruise control is able to stop and go at any time and performs very well, with the exception that it has difficulty detecting unexpected merges at low speeds. The optional Bowers & Wilkins audio system was installed in the XC60 that we tested, and we discovered that it produces some serious bass. We think that it will appeal to audiophiles as well as average people.

How’s the Volvo XC60 Recharge Storage?

The cargo capacity of the XC60, which measures at 29.7 cubes, is excellent both quantitatively and qualitatively. You won’t have any issue stowing baggage or other items behind the back seats, such as a couple of golf bags or other such items. When the seatbacks are collapsed, there is room for the majority of the bulky objects that you might need to transport.

We don’t imagine that very many people will be dissatisfied with the storage choices that come with this SUV, which include a variety of convenient nooks and bins for stowing away smaller goods. Our only suggestion for improvement would be to make the cutouts for the drink holders in the door pockets larger so that they could fit larger water bottles.

Do you have young children? There should be enough space between the seatbacks of the front seats for a child safety seat that faces the rear to be installed in the middle rear position.

How is the Fuel Economy XC60 Recharge?

Fuel Economy XC60 Recharge
Photo Credit: volvocars

The XC60 Recharge T8’s electric range was put through its paces on our real-world evaluation route, which covered 115 miles, and it passed with flying colors. To begin, we drove in all-electric mode, and we were able to reach 38.9 miles, which is further than the EPA’s prediction of 36 miles. After making the switch to hybrid mode, our overall fuel economy for the remainder of the trip was 25.8 mpg, which is lower than the EPA’s estimate of 28 mpg combined (28 mpg in the city, 28 mpg on the highway). This is a bit of a letdown, but taking into account the fact that we are discussing a vehicle with 455 horsepower, the results seem to be fairly commendable overall.

Is the XC60 Recharge a Good Value?

Our XC60 Recharge T8 Inscription, which had been updated in the middle of the year to include the Extended Range feature, was equipped with all of the figurative bells and whistles. Do you think that’s a fair price? We’d argue yes. In spite of the fact that the Volvo is faster and has a significantly greater electric range, the BMW X5 xDrive45e, which is the plug-in hybrid version of the X5, will cost you more money. We heard not a single squeak or rattling inside of it, despite the fact that the interior is breathtakingly elegant and made of high materials.

The comprehensive powertrain warranty from Volvo lasts for four years and 50,000 miles, which is nothing out of the ordinary, and the guarantee on hybrid components lasts for eight years and 100,000 miles, which is also rather typical. However, free regular maintenance for the first three years is a bonus that is becoming increasingly uncommon in today’s marketplace.

Pricing and Which One to BuyVolvo XC60 Recharge Review


If you aren’t quite ready to make the transition to an all-electric vehicle just yet, the XC60 Recharge T8 Extended Range offers a one-of-a-kind option that has everything you need. This electrified Volvo is an SUV that excels in many different areas. It has an impressive electric range of more than 35 miles on a single charge, a reasonable EPA-estimated combined fuel economy of 28 mpg when operating in hybrid mode, and a monstrous 455 horsepower. Add to it a generous helping of Swedish design, and you’ve got yourself a serious front-runner in the market for luxury plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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