YouTube Suspends Donald Trump’s Account

Google has temporarily blocked the YouTube account of outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump for violating the policy, CNBC reports.

On Tuesday night, Google-owned YouTube reported that Trump’s account was automatically “1st strike” when it uploaded content that violated the video platform’s rules. This will not allow new content to be raised on Trump’s YouTube channel for at least seven days. YouTube also reported that the channel’s ‘Comment section’ or comment room was also suspended.

Donald Trump‘s YouTube account has nearly 2.8 million subscribers. Trump’s channel usually publishes multiple videos a day. If a YouTube channel gets a ‘strike’ three times, it is permanently closed.

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YouTube says of the temporary suspension of Trump’s account, “We removed the content after reviewing the new content uploaded to Trump’s channel and in light of recent concerns about violence.”

YouTube also said, “We are temporarily shutting down President Trump’s channel commentary in view of ongoing concerns about violence. We close the comments section of the related channel if anything is reported regarding security violations.”

YouTube also blocked the channel of the “War Room” podcast by media personality and former Trump adviser Steve Brennan, who was also a supporter of Trump supporters.

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Earlier, the micro-blogging site Twitter authority permanently blocked Trump’s Twitter account for posting non-policy posts. Google, Facebook and other big companies have also announced suspending Trump’s accounts and his supporters over the violence at the Capitol. Facebook announced the cancellation of the post on Trump’s Facebook page on Thursday. Gaming platform Touch and the short messaging app SnapChat also canceled Trump’s account.

YouTube’s suspension of Trump’s account came after the violence at the U.S. Capitol by some Trump supporters on last Wednesday. At least five were killed in the attack. 

Hundreds of Trump supporters entered the Parliament Building during Joe Biden’s victory-certified session in Congress last Wednesday. Five people, including a police member, were killed and 68 were arrested in the incident. Later, in a video speech on Twitter, President Donald Trump also praised the supporters who participated in the attack.

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