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Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Bhutan – The Land of Thunder Dragon

Buddha Statue in Bhutan

Top best tourist places in Bhutan here we mention so that you can explore the beautiful country when you will travel. Due to its geographical diversity and culture, many tourists visit South Asian countries every year. Bhutan has many spiritual places built on a particular belief system, some of which are so known simply because of their energy and vibration. If you are planning to anywhere in this region, then you should not miss the country. This article will help you as a guide to get a visa prior to traveling to Bhutan. Also, you can get benefits when you book hotels, and air or bus tickets to reach Bhutan’s famous places.

Bhutan is called “The Land of Thunder Dragon”. It is a perfect country to visit forts, monasteries and Buddhist ruins, trekking spots, and shopping areas. The country has many panoramic valleys, majestic Himalayas, and abundant rare animals and plants, which are beautiful places in Bhutan. Young people of Neighboring country India are much more enthusiastic about traveling to Bhutan. Most rivers in Bhutan originate from the Himalayas. And the rivers flow through the valleys. Tourists are fascinated by the beauty of the rivers. If you are not able to visit all, you can travel to the best tourist places in Bhutan with your friends.

About Bhutan

Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world. It has a population of only seven lakhs in the whole country. People of every town know everyone. The name of the traditional dress is — Gho — and they always wear this dress all the time. Bhutan opened its doors to foreign tourists in 1970. Since the interest in traveling to Bhutan is increasing day by day, the number of tourist visas is also growing for the best places to visit in Bhutan. It is a country in Southeast Asia and is located in the east of the Himalayas in the Indian subcontinent. There are a lot of things to learn about the reign of the Himalayas although it is an undeveloped country. Bhutan is one of the happiest countries in the world as well as traditional and economic indicators.

Tourism is the main driving force of Bhutan, especially for beautiful places in Bhutan. You will be able to see the green valleys and snow-capped mountains and find beautiful weather in the country. The country is also enriched with its heritage and culture. Moreover, Bhutan is also called the land of happy people. If you are planning a trip for Bhutan, you must be fascinated by its beauty while traveling Bhutan’s famous places.

Some tips for traveling to Bhutan

Every country has different rules and culture. So, before traveling to any country, it is good to know about the sensitive information of that country.

  1. If you want to travel at a low cost to visit the best tourist places in Bhutan, you can go in the off-season. So, you will be able to collect air tickets and manage hotel fares, taxi fares much cheaper for the best places to visit in Bhutan.
  2. You cannot walk across a certain area of ​​the palace with a hat, cap, or umbrella on your head. The same rule applies to any temple or monastery.
  3. The people of Bhutan are very happy. You will not get any food shops open before 10:00 am. So, if you plan to go out in the morning, you should buy some dry food from the store the night before.
  4. All shops and restaurants are closed by 8:00 pm. So, travelers should take dinner in the meantime.
  5. Indian Rupee and Bhutan’s own currency ‘Gultram’ are equal in value and anyone can exchange with it.
  6. The weather in Bhutan is a little cold than Bangladesh. For this, you should keep winter clothes at any time. However, if it is winter time, then you must take very heavy warm clothes.
  7. Try always to wear full sleeve dress, pants up to the ankles as you can’t go to any temple or monastery after wearing three quarters, shorts, or half sleeves.
  8. You should not make any comment about the king of Bhutan, or the religion of the country while you visit the beautiful tourist places in Bhutan.
  9. Bhutan is a 100% smoke-free country. So, don’t smoke in a public place or in a hotel room.
  10. Always cross the road with a zebra crossing.

When is the perfect time to travel Bhutan?

From October to December is the best time for the best places to visit in Bhutan. You can see the clear and fresh air with sunny skies during this time. Your tour may not be suitable in January and February as these two months are colder and the climate remains dry till April. So, the heat climate rises from May. However, it’s not better to plan visiting Bhutan during the rainy season. Otherwise, you will have to face huge rainfall from June to September in this country during this season.

How to get a visa?

The government of Bhutan gives Bangladeshis free on arrival visas as the SAARC-listed country. So, you shouldn’t be worried about the visa. However, if you want to go by road, you have to take a transit visa from India. After visiting Bhutan’s famous places, you can come back from Bhutan on any holiday.

How to reach there?

Traveling to Bhutan is easy and convenient for travelers as no visa is required for travel there from earlier. You will get approval to enter the country in a very short time after you submit your passport after reaching there by air or road.

Necessary documents to visit Bhutan?

If you want to visit beautiful places in Bhutan, you need one passport size color photo on a white background and an original passport and photocopy of the passport. Children are required to attach three copies of the passport size photograph to the ‘C’ form of the mother’s passport (if required). You need two photocopies of the National Identity Card (NID) and Bank Solvency Statement.

Popular traditional food in Bhutan

If you plan for the best places to visit in Bhutan, the following food items will charm your tour period.

  1. Ema Datshi – (chilies and cheese)
  2. Jasha Maroo or Maru – (spicy chicken)
  3. Phaksha Paa – (Pork with Red Chilies)
  4. Momos – (Dumplings)
  5. Red Rice
  6. Drink Specialties— black and green tea, beer, and wine

10 Top best tourist places in Bhutan

  1. Thimphu

Dochula Pass in Thimphu, Bhutan
Dochula Pass in Thimphu, Bhutan. Image by Suket Dedhia from Pixabay

Bhutan is one of the most beautiful countries in South Asia. Thimphu, one of the best tourist places in Bhutan, is the capital of Bhutan and the largest city in the country. It is located in the western part of Bhutan and a high valley in the Himalayas. The city is located on the bank of the Thimphu River in Silvan Valley where you will find ethnic Bhutanese art, architecture, and culture. Moreover, there are several souvenir shops in Thimphu. Tourists can buy various traditional souvenirs of the country from these shops. However, there are many historical and scenic places in this beautiful city. In addition, Thimphu is the most interesting and aesthetic location in Bhutan. In the past, Thimphu was the winter capital of the country while Punakha was the summer capital.

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Thimphu was made the country’s capital and permanent administrative center from 1962. The ‘Thimphu Chu’ river flows beside Thimphu town. According to Dzongkha language, ‘Chu’ means river. There is another river called ‘Paro Chu’ from some distance from the river. Although the two rivers flow together, the color of the water is different. Above all, there is a huge Buddha statue at the top of the Kuensel Phodrang hill next to Thimphu city. The statue’s name is Buddha Dardenma Statue or Great Buddha Dardenma. Buddha Dardenma is the main Buddhist monastery in Bhutan. However, it is established to commemorate the 60th birth anniversary of Bhutan’s fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

What are the important attractions in Thimphu?

There are many beautiful places in Bhutan where some important attractions are in Thimphu.

  • Changlimithang Stadium: National Stadium of Bhutan
  • Simtokha Dzong: It is the first Palace building of Bhutan. Meanwhile, it has been one of the institutes for learning Dzongkha language.
  • Trashi Chhoe Dzong: A Buddhist monastery on the northern edge of Thimphu city.
  • Weekend Market: The market, situated on the north side of Changlimithang Stadium, is a great place for people traveling to Bhutan. A variety of local goods and souvenirs are available in the market for tourists. And, a traveler should not forget to visit the weekend market.
  • Thimphu Punakha: Punakha is the most fertile valley in Bhutan. And, you can see the Himalayas from this pass with 3,050 meter-high.

However, there are more other places in the city such as National Memorial Chorten, Jomolhari Trek, Druk Path Trek, and National Folk Heritage Museum.

When should you visit Thimphu?

October and November are the best time to visit Thimphu as you will get the clear sky to see mountains, rivers, and forests.

  1. Punakha

Punakha Place in Bhutan
Punakha Place in Bhutan. Image by Ying Chu Chen from Pixabay

Punakha is one of Bhutan’s famous places. Certainly, there are excellent infrastructures there for visiting travelers. Punakha is the second administrative center of Bhutan. It was the capital city of Bhutan till 1955. Above all, Punakha is currently the winter capital of Bhutan. At present, Punakha is located 72 km away from the current capital Thimphu. However, the city is 1,310 meters high from sea level. It takes about 3 hours from Thimphu to Punakha by a car. You have to drive Dochu La Pass to go to Punakha. The city is located 41 km away from Dochu La Pass. So, you can take a break at Dochu La on the way to Punakha. The highest point between the two places while moving from one place to another of the hilly area is called Pass. The main attraction of Dochu La is the Buddhist monastery.

There is a big Buddhist monastery on the vertical hill. The height of Dochu La Pass is about 10,500 feet. And, Dochu La Pass is a sacred place to the people of Bhutan. The main attraction of the place is the 108 pillars built in the memory of Bhutanese soldiers who were killed in a war with the separatist groups in 2003. Moreover, you can see a few peaks of the Himalayas from this pass if the sky is clear. Moreover, Dochula is the holy land of Bhutanese. Two rivers — the Mo Chu and the Pho Chu — flow through the town of Punakha. According to Bhutan, Chu means a river. Mo Chu is the male river and Pho Chu is the female river.

The entire city is surrounded by huge hills, waterfalls, and trees. The main occupation of Punakha people is paddy cultivation. Punakha is the most fertile valley in Bhutan. When the temperature across the country is around zero or below, then the temperature of Punakha remains 20-25 degrees Celsius. Punakha brings a variety in the city due to having this temperature in winter.

When is the suitable time to visit Punakha?

March to May and October to November are the best times to visit Punakha while traveling the best places to visit in Bhutan.

What are the attractive places in Punakha?

  • Punakha Dzong: Punakha Dzong is called pleasure Palace. It is actually the administrative building of Punakha. Punakha Dzong is the most interesting of all the other rust buildings in the city of Punakha. The Dzong is a special place of honor for the royal family. Bhutan’s first king Ugyen Wangchuck began his reign in Dzong. So, the place is a winter-accommodation for Buddhist monks.
  • Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Choeten: Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Choeten is far from 1800 meters from the Mochu river. So, the beautiful place is a popular trip for tourists while visiting Punakha. As the hiking route is a mud path of loose earth, you must take a stick to evade slipping while walking. Therefore, you can see the view of paddy fields and the Mochu river from the top of Chorten.
  • Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendrup Lhakhang Nunnery: This is a place of worship for Buddhists. More than 120 nuns (Christian priests) stay here and there are a 14-feet bronze statue of Avalokiteshvara in the temple. Local Bhutanese artisans made the statue of Avalokiteshvara. Several other statues include Guru Padmasambhava, Buddha and Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal in the temple. The nunnery complex was built as a Buddhist College for nuns and there are about 120 nuns in the compound, which also a meditation centre for nuns. So, the beauty of Punakha Valley can be enjoyed from the tourist destination.

Some important places are Punakha Tshechu and Drubchen Festival, Punakha Winter Trek, Torsa Strict Nature Reserve, Punakha Suspension Bridge, Jigme Dorji National Park, Zangdo Pelri Temple, Chimi Lhakhang Temple, Rafting and Kayaking in Mo Chhu River and Mo Chu (river).

  1. Paro

Paro valley, Bhutan
Paro valley, Bhutan. Image by RunawayJuno from Flickr

While traveling, fascinated people always love to visit the best tourist places in Bhutan, and Paro, a historical city, is among them. There are various beautiful places in Bhutan as well as sacred places and historical structures there. The city is located in the Paro Valley 51 km from Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. In addition, the height of the town is 7,500 feet from sea level. The small town in the lap of the Himalayas. Paro is one of Bhutan’s famous places in terms of natural beauty. Paro International Airport is the lone international airport there in the country. Paro Airport has been called the ‘most critical commercial airport’ in the world as the airport has only one runway. There are several Buddhist temples in Paro. The biggest attraction of Paro is Tigers Net.

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This monastery is located on a cliff 80-km away from Paro. However, Paro Jung and National Museum are also import places for tourists to visit. Moreover, you will also get a coffee house while visiting the area. The ancient monasteries, temples of Paro and the peaceful little town always fascinate the tourists. The history of monasteries and temples remind us of the 7th century and various myths and folklore. Therefore, you will certainly complete your trip with enjoyable days. There are many facilities including cafes, restaurants, museums, and places of nature hiking for tourists. Additionally, there are some of the most challenging biking trails of the world for bikers in the town. Moreover, tourists can also take chances of rafting, kayaking, hiking, and trekking.

What are the best places to visit in Paro?

Taktsang Monastery, Namsay Artisanal Brewery, Archery Ground, and Chele La Pass are the most iconic landmarks in Paro. Moreover, other important places –Jangtsa Dumtseg Lhakhang Temple, Tiger’s Nest (Paro Taktsang), Airport View Point, Paro Weekend Market, Zuri Dzong Fort, Rinpung Dzong Monastery, Drukgyal Dzong Monastery, Dasho Nishioka Chorten Museum, National Museum Of Bhutan, Tamchoe Monastery, Kyichu Lakhang, Dungtse Lhakhang, Dzongdrakha Goemba, Druk Choeding Temple, Paro Farm Houses, and Ugyen Pelri Palace.

  1. Bumthang

Bumthang valley, Bhutan
Bumthang valley, Bhutan. Image by Thibaud Aronson from Flickr

‘Boom’ means a vessel for keeping water on the altar of the gods and ‘Thang’ means valley. There are 20 districts in Bhutan. There are small and big towns in all the districts. All the towns have some interesting and beautiful places in Bhutan. One of them is Bumthang and it is one of the best places to visit in Bhutan. So, Bumthang is a town with four valleys: Chakhar, Tang, Ira, and Chhum. Bumthang is called one of the spiritual places of Bhutan as the most important Jung Temple and Mahal in Bhutan are located in this region.

Bumthang is 270-km away from Thimphu, the capital of the country. The height of the town is 8,500 feet high from the sea level. The place is known as a holy place to Buddhists. The main attraction of the town is Greater Chakhar Valley. Bhutan’s largest Dzong — Jakar Dzong — situated in this town. The Dzong was built by a lama named Wangchuk. Not only Bumthang, but also the whole Bhutan considered the Dzong as a remarkable place. Therefore, you will also see Wangdichholing Palace, Jampa Temple, Hot Spring Area, Blue Ship, Musk Deer, and Himalayan Bear. Lhakhang is a wonderful place in Bumthang. The bodies of the first three kings of Bhutan are preserved here. So, don’t miss Bumthang, which is one of the beautiful places in Bhutan.

What are the interesting places in and around Bumthang?

  • Jambay Lhakhang: To subdue evil spirits in the Himalayan region, Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo built this monastery in the 7th century.
  • Kurje Lhakhang: There are three temples in Kurje Lhakhang, which is surrounded by a 108 Chorten wall.
  • Tamshing Lhakhang: Terton Pema Lingpa, the re-incarnation of Guru Padsambhava, founded this monastery. It has paintings of 1,000 Buddhas and 21 Taras (female form of Buddhistava).
  • Jakar Dzong: Great grand-father of the first Shabdrung built the Dzong as a monastery in 1549. The Dzong is now used as the administrative center for Bumthang valley.
  • Konchogsum Lhakhang: The place is famous for the fresh look. Built in the 6th century, Lhakhang contained a large bell and is now displayed at the National Museum in Paro, one of Bhutan’s famous places.
  • Chankhar Lhakhang: It is the site of the palace of the Indian King Sindhu Raja. Saint called- Dorji Lingpa rebuilt Chankhar Lhakhang in the 14th century. Chankhar means an iron castle.

On the other hand, there are some other important places: Lhodrak Kharchhu Monastery, Tharpaling Monastery, Buli Lhakhang, Dorjibi weaving Centre, Tangbi Goemba,  Ngang Lhakhang, Ura Valley, Tang Valley, Membartsho (The Burning Lake), Ugyenchholing Palace, Tang Rimochen Lhakhang, and Kunzangdrak Goemba.

  1. Phuentsholing

Indo-Bhutan Border Gate, Phunetsholing
Indo-Bhutan Border Gate, Phunetsholing. Image by Akshat Bordia from Flickr

Phuetsholing, one of Bhutan’s famous places, is a border town in southern Bhutan. This region is known as the main financial, industrial, and commercial region of the country. You can enter Bhutan on foot through Phuentsholing after completing immigration. The town of Jaigaon in India’s West Bengal is the Indo-Bhutan border to enter Bhutan. Bhutan will give you an on-arrival visa there. Moreover, the Phuentsholing border separates Bhutan from India. Phuentsholing is the most urbanized town there. The town is known as the gateway to Bhutan for trade with India and it is the first town to enter Bhutan by road. This beautiful place is nearly 1,300 feet high from sea level and surrounded by hills. Bhutan’s Phuentsholing is the second largest city in Bhutan.

There is no Dzong (monastery of Buddhist gurus) there, even no famous ancient empire. There are no remarkable tourist attractions. Also, Phuentsholing is extremely attractive for tourists for its clean, quiet, and safe environment. The second feature of Phuentsholing is a mixture of two different people’s groups and cultures. Certainly, Phuentsholing is a much quiet and clean city than neighboring Jaigaon, despite being much more urbanized. The modern and well-designed decoration of large buildings in Phuentsholing will fascinate you. Phuentsholing, is also an excellent example of cross-border trade. It can be said that the meeting place of Bhutanese and Indian traders is Phuentsholing. The mountain river Torsa flows through the lower part of the town. There are hotels, markets, shops, restaurants, Mig Cinemas available in Phuentsholing so that you can enjoy traveling to the best tourist places in Bhutan.

So, if you want to go from Phuentsholing to Paro or Thimphu, you should leave the town in daylight as the beauty of the roads is extraordinary.

What are the fascinating places to visit in Phuentsholing?

There are 10 best places to visit in Phuentsholing — Bhutan Gate, Phuentsholing Viewpoint, Amo Chhu Crocodile Breeding Centre, Phuentsholing Park, Zangto Pelri Lhakhang, Torsa River Side, Phuentsholing Market, Palden Tashi Chholing Shedra, and Zangto Pelri Park.

  1. Chele La Pass

Chele La Pass, Bhutan
Chele La Pass, Bhutan. Image by Somabrata Pramanik from Flickr

According to the Bhutanese Dzongkha language, La means ‘pass or mountain pass’.

Chele La Pass, one of the best tourist places in Bhutan, is the highest and most famous pass or mountain pass. This mountain pass has separated one valley from another. The height of Chele La Pass is 13,500 feet above sea level. Tourist gathering is increasing in this way day by day although there is no arrangement to stay at Chele La Pass. This pass is about 23 kilometers long on the way to ‘Ha’, from Paro. It is colder due to its height. Chile La Pass is very famous for its cold and snow. If there is the sun and no clouds, you can see Mount Jomolhari from the Chele La Pass. So, you must not miss this beautiful place in Bhutan. Moreover, you can see green valleys, colorful flowers, oranges, and apple orchards along the road from Paro to Chele La Pass.

Therefore, the pass is located 36 km from Paro town. This is the highest motorable pass in Bhutan. The road connects Paro Valley and Ha Valley, which are also beautiful places in Bhutan. So, it is one of the highest observation areas where you can reach by a motor vehicle.

How will you reach Chele La Pass?

You can reach Chele La Pass after a two-hour journey by road from Paro crossing mountains and clouds.

  1. Haa valley

Haa valley, Bhutan
Haa valley, Bhutan. Image by Loveleen De from Flickr

Haa is one of the smallest Dzongkhag (district) in Bhutan and single of the best places to visit in Bhutan. The district, an area of 1706 square kilometers, adjoins Paro, Chhukha, and Samtse districts. It is the ancestral home of the well-known Dorji family and the Queen Grandmother. The visitors will see the ideal location of Haa for hiking and mountain biking by using wooded hills. You can spend the day biking around the valley to visit local temples while visiting Haa.

The Haa Valley, a steep north-south valley with a narrow floor, is a major feature of the Haa district. The valley, one of the best places to visit in Bhutan, is among the isolated areas in the country. The beautiful place is known for its animist tradition. The government opened the valley to foreign tourists in 2002 for the first time. It is actually culturally rich. Lhakhang Karpo and Lhakhang Nagpo located at the foothills of Meri Puensum are famous sites in this region. Farmers grow rice, wheat, barley potatoes, apples, and chili, etc on the valley floor.

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Besides, the region is one protected area of Bhutan under the Torsa Strict Nature Reserve. The valley has a diversity of folk culture, legends, and shamanistic rituals. The annual ceremony to honor Ap Chundu, the guardian deity of the valley is a notable tradition for almost all the communities.  Nature lovers can visit paradise valley while traveling the beautiful places in Bhutan.

How will you reach Haa Valley?

Haa Valley is around 65 kilometers away from Paro. You can start the journey by bus or by car. There are no scopes to go to the place by flight or trains between Paro and Haa Valley. However, the bus services are available for the tourist destination.

When is a suitable time to visit Haa Valley?

You should choose October and November as this time is the best to visit Haa Valley. So, the tourists can see Mt Jomolhari and Jichu Drake from the Chele La Pass between Paro and Haa Valley.


Trongsa, Bhutan
Trongsa, Bhutan. Image by Postak Shrestha from Pixabay

Hilltop town Trongsa, one of Bhutan’s famous places, is the central hub of Bhutan. Bhutanese launched all kinds of efforts from Trongsa to unite Bhutan historically. In addition, the rule of the Wangchuck dynasty is originated from this Trongsa. King Ugyen Wangchuck and his successor King Jigme Wangchuck governed the country from this seat. Ugyen Wangchuck was the first hereditary monarch of Bhutan. The whole landscape surrounding Trongsa is spectacular and beautiful.

As Trongsa has connected other regions including Gelephu and Bumthang, the town has got much importance as the route from East to the West of Bhutan. Being the origination of the Wangchuck dynasty rule, it has reflected dzong and watchtower of Trongsa. The east-west trade of the country was under the control of Trongsa Dzong for centuries. Moreover, the authority changed the watchtower into a museum for dedication to the Wangchuck dynasty. So, the museum is a moral destination to acquire about the history of the kingdom.

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Trongsa Dzong was the seat of power of the Wangchuck dynasty. The Dzong was built in 1644 but the Wangchuck dynasty became rulers of Bhutan in 1907. Traditionally, the King of Bhutan first became the governor of Trongsa. Later, they were named the Crown Prince and finally the King. The town is not only famous for its heritage but also opportunities for hiking and trekking along with the attractive scenery. There are various hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants in the town and you will be able to watch all the landscape views from the balconies of providing accommodation. Therefore, you should not miss this destination while traveling the best tourist places in Bhutan.

How can we reach Trongsa?

You can reach Trongsa by air and bus services. So, you could then reach Trongsa by flight from Paro Airport. The bus services are available for Trongsa from Gelephu, Phuentsholing, and Thimphu. One can hire taxicabs but it is expensive.

What is the best time to visit Trongsa?

It will be best for any tourist if they can choose from November to February to visit Trongsa. This time, the weather remains very good. The end of November and December is more preferable for the festivals. June to September is considered as the off-season to visit Trongsa as there is no scope for trekking and hiking due to the rainfall. However, it will be one of the best tourist places in Bhutan for you.

  1. Phobjikha Valley

Phobjikha Valley in Bhutan
Phobjikha Valley in Bhutan. Image by Melody Goh from Pixabay

Phobjikha Valley is located at 135-km away from Thimphu and 60-km north of Punakha under Wangdue Phodrang. It is one of the best places to visit in Bhutan. The height of the place is 3,000 meters above sea level. Another name of Phobjikha Valley is Gangtey Valley. It is a Ramsar site and protected wetland. Phobjikha valley, one of the most prominent conservative sites of Bhutan, offers wonderful views of vast areas of green fields. The black-necked cranes (bird) come to this area during the winter season flying from Tibet to evade the severe winter. The valley bordered the Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park and comparatively cooler. The government began the use of electricity in the valley only a few years ago. The valley has two beautiful serpentine rivers — Nakay Chhu (black water) and Gay Chhu (white water), which actually represent a snake and a boar.

Some attractive places in and around Phobjikha Valley

  • Gangtey Goempa
  • Black Necked Crane Information Centre
  • Kumbu Lhakhang
  • Gangtey Nature Trail
  • Tenkhor Yuetshe
  • Kilkorthang Trail
  • Damchen Lhakhang

How to reach Phobjikha Valley?

The tourists will have to land at Paro Airport. From Paro, they can reach Phobjikha by taxi. Bus services are available from Thimphu and Wangdue Phodrang.

What is the best time to visit Phobjikha Valley?

October to December is the best time to visit Phobjikha Valley. This period is perfect due to its comfortable weather. The Black Necked Crane birds come during the season.

  1. Wangdue Phodrang

Wangdue Phodrang, Bhutan
Wangdue Phodrang, Bhutan. Image by CamelKW from Flickr

Muwandi Fodrang, one of the largest districts in the country, is a hilly town. The hilly areas have been built on both sides of the Wangditang Chu river. The town is located 60-km away from Thimphu and 18-km from Punakha. It is the last city on Central Highway in Bhutan. This very ancient town is located south of Punakha. Fodrang is known as Wangdi to the locals. Its height is about 1,300 meters above sea level. You can see Wangdi Fodrong Dzong on the top of the hill. King Habdrung Gawang Namgyal built the Dzong in 1838. The Dzong was the most beautiful destination of the district. You can smoothly visit the best tourist places in Bhutan if you have strong planning prepared before the trip.

The authority opens it for visitors during the festival of Wangdue Phodrang Tsechu in Autumn. Tsechu is now the Army Training Centre.

The main attraction of Wangdi Fodrang is the cattle and cattle grazing field. You can also see jhum cultivation on the body of hills. Punakha Chu and Tang Chu are the main attractions of Wangdi Fodrong.

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Covering 4,308 square kilometers, the authorities concerned have protected most of Wangdue Phodrang environmentally. The district’s northern half is under the Wangchuck Centennial Park while the Southeastern part is under Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park. The language of the western two-thirds of the district is Dzongkha and communities in the northeast speak Lakha. Inhabitants in central Wangdue Phodrang speak Nyenkha.

Phobjikha Valley, one of the most prominent places in the district, is the habitat of the rare and scarce Black Necked Cranes. The birds migrate to the valley during the winter season to avoid the cold. The residents of the valley celebrate the Black Necked Crane Festival in Phobjikha every year to protect and spread awareness of the cranes and to preserve the habitat of these beautiful birds. You should not forget the beautiful place of Bhutan while you travel to the country. The article will help you as a guide if you have a plan for the best places to visit in Bhutan.

Which are the tourist attractions to visit in Wangdue Phodrang?

  1. Wangdue Phodrang Dzong
  2. Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park
  3. Phobjikha Valley
  4. Temple of Sha Radap, also known as the Rada Lhakhang
  5. Gasleo and Nahee Villages
  6. Rinchegang Village
  7. Adha and Rukha Villages

How to reach Wangdue Phodrang?

There are two ways — by air and by road — to reach Wangdue Phodrang. You can land in Paro Airport by flight and then go to Wangdue by taxicab or bus. If anyone wants to visit the district by bus, he/she will get a bus from Thimphu, Phuentsholing, Paro, and Gelephu, which are also among the best tourist places in Bhutan. Bumpa Transport, Sernya Transport, and Sernya Transport provide buses to the district.

When is the suitable time to travel Wangdue Phodrang?

The Spring season — March to May — is the best time to visit Wangdue Phodrang since you can get favorable weather. If you choose to travel Himalayan views, three months — September to November — will be better for you. The weather condition during this period remains very pleasant.


The peaceful culture and rich history of Bhutan are enough for you to consider a trip to Bhutan. While visiting Bhutan, you will be fascinated by flowers adorning the hillsides and the colors of Buddhism symbolize. Additionally, there will be many opportunities to experience the diversity of culture and local festivals when you will visit the best tourist places in Bhutan.

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Taylor Swift Shares Emotional Singapore Connection on Eras Tour
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Uncensored Anime
15 Best Uncensored Animes to Watch in 2024 [Ranked]
Taylor Swift Shares Emotional Singapore Connection
Taylor Swift Shares Emotional Singapore Connection on Eras Tour
Ugly Movie Characters
15 Most Ugly Movie Characters You Have Ever Seen [Ranked]
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The Inspiring Journey of Stelle Ciccone: Madonna's Adopted Daughter
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Hailey Bieber's Sweet 30th Birthday Tribute to Justin: 'Love of My Life, for Life'


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Sam Altman Clarifies no Ai Creatures in Development
OpenAI's Sam Altman Clarifies: No AI "Creatures" in Development
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Spotify & Epic Claim Apple's App Store Fails to Meet DMA Standards
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Sam Altman OpenAI Investigation Investor Claims
OpenAI & Sam Altman Probe: Investor Mislead Claims Amidst Leadership Turmoil


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