The Best Places in the United States for 2020

Do you want to visit the best places in the United States in 2020? It is one of the largest and most visited countries in the world and the country has a lot to offer. There are places in the United States for all tastes.

You are one of those tourists who love cities and urban routes. If you prefer nature in all its expression, do not hesitate to travel to the “Giant of the North.” In this article, we tell you what are your best urban places.

The Best Places in the United States for 2020: Where to Go?

Every year it receives millions of tourists from all over the world. The United States has in its thousands of km² too many attractions to go only once. If you do not know which destination is the best for traveling, we suggest these unmissable sites:

  1. New York

It is the best-known city in the country, an icon of American life and the scene of thousands of movies and series. Who has not seen a scene in the Big Apple, on Wall Street or in Central Park?

With its beautiful skyscrapers (including the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Center), there are Statue of Liberty, bridges (especially that of Brooklyn), museums, shopping on Fifth Avenue and theaters on Broadway in New York.

2. Los Angeles

The city of cinema and entertainment, celebrities and the “well-off” life of Beverly Hills is located on the West Coast and is the second-largest in the United States. Between mountains and beaches towards the Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles has a very important Hispanic community.

In addition, it is a perfect destination to go with the family due to its large number of theme parks (Studios). Museums and shopping are a must in LA. You’ll feel a star on the Walk of Fame!

3. Miami

We return to the East Coast but this time to the south of the country. Located on the Florida peninsula, Miami is considered the “City of the Sun” and we could also add shopping. Due to its pleasant climate, it receives visitors from January to January all year round.

Many Latino immigrants have settled in this city and that is why they speak more Spanish than English. You can learn more about the life of these communities in Little Havana and Little Haiti, for example. Beyond shopping in its large shopping centers, we can enjoy the night at Ocean Drive and the beach at South Beach.

  1. San Francisco

    The “Jewel of the West” is located between hills and flows into a beautiful bay, which can be crossed by various bridges, although without a doubt the Golden Gate is the most famous. San Francisco is a center of finance and commerce, but it is also a tourist destination par excellence.

    San Francisco
    Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

  2. Among the most important attractions, we highlight the Alcatraz prison (it is reached by ferry) or the cable tram that advances along the steep streets (and has its own museum). Also visit the Victorian houses known as “The Painted Ladies”, Union Square, the Golden Gate Park and Pier 39 with its Fisherman’s Wharf.


  1. Orlando

    It is one of the places in the United States preferred by family tourism and entertainment. Millions of people visit Orlando to its famous Walt Disney World complex with its different theme parks, as well as Universal Studios and the Sea world.

    Orlando Park
    Image by Eduardo Neri Du from Pixabay

  2. It is also a perfect destination to shop and enjoy other attractions such as Cocoa Beach, Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral.

  3. Las Vegas

    “Everything that happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.” It is a well-known phrase among tourists who arrive in the City of Sin. Here the casinos and luxury hotels are the main protagonists, as well as the shows at any time of the day.

    It belongs to the State of Nevada and more and more people visit it because of its unbridled style. Near Las Vegas is the beautiful Colorado Canyon (with its glass platform 1200 meters above the void).

    “One’s destiny is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” -Henry Miller

    Of course, there are many more places in the United States that you can choose — Chicago, Washington, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston, and Texas. Which one do you want to go to?

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