The Proper Care of a Ducted Air Conditioner

When you are struggling with the warmer months and need some relief from the heat when you are inside your home, a great way to be comfortable is to have ducted air conditioning. This is an excellent way to keep your whole home cool and you can control which rooms are kept cooler and which warmer. Create zones in your home where you go to be cool and you can conserve your energy consumption which is good for the environment and good for your bills. Part of having that though includes proper maintenance and care with an expert air conditioning service Perth.

What happens if you do not look after your ducted air conditioning system?

Common issues that happen when they are not looked after can include;

  • It takes more energy to run the system over time meaning your bills go up
  • The air in your home is contaminated
  • The air conditioner gradually decreases in efficiency until it is no longer working as you need it to
  • The need for larger and more expensive repairs, and also that eventual replacement will happen far sooner than if it had been properly maintained
  • Therefore investing in the care of your air conditioner saves you money and hassle and preserves your investment.

How to look after your air conditioning system

  1. Get an annual inspection – Hire qualified, licensed and experienced experts to handle your inspections on a yearly basis. When you get a new system installed you can arrange inspections and maintenance than with the installers, or you can choose to find your own company. They can check to see if any repairs are needed, whether the performance has been impacted by dirty filters or the flexible hoses, and what future repairs might be due soon.
  2. Take care of repairs right away – Should you observe that the performance has dropped you should have it looked at as soon as you can by a trusted air conditioning service Perth. Perhaps a certain room is not cooling down like it is meant to, or you have noticed your ductwork as a hole. Whatever it is, ignoring the problem only makes it worse and more expensive to eventually fix. Or even worse it could lead to you needing a replacement system as a repair is no longer possible.
  3. Clean or replace filters regularly – You should learn how to change or clean the filters as they need it. It is an easy job to do and cleaning them out twice a year is a great way to keep the air conditioner working properly. It prevents particles from entering your home some of which might even impact your health. Think about your filters perhaps at the same time when you are cleaning your decorative ceiling fans Australia!
  4. Check it often – When you have ducted air conditioning it is up to you to take a look at it on a somewhat regular basis to make sure everything is good. This is the best way to look after your investment and keep it going for longer.

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Regular care and maintenance are important to look after the system and it keeps your bill costs down too. If you are looking for options to use alongside a great air conditioning system how about taking a look at some decorative ceiling fans Australia too. Perfect for times when you do not a full air conditioning system running but need a light breeze that looks attractive at the same time.


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