Retractable Awnings: The History, Benefits, and More

Awnings have received well-deserved attention in recent times. The awning market is forecasted to be worth almost $12 billion by 2026 and will grow at a 6.9% CAGR during the forecast period (2018-2026). This growth is mainly due to people’s interest in embellishing the visual appeal of their residences and commercial establishments. Advancements in fabrics and other materials have also fueled this growth.

Window awnings offer many obvious benefits but before we discuss, let’s consider the history of awnings.

History of Awnings

Since ancient times, the people of Syria and Egypt have used some kind of shade for protection against the heat and intensity of the sun. Such shades (i.e., awnings) were used to cover everything from small structures like caravans to large areas like stadiums.

It is believed that retractable awnings were first employed by the Romans, primarily in their homes. Businesses started using them around the mid-1800s. A retractable covering on a storefront made the shopkeeper’s life easier and protected customers from heat or rain while shopping.

Early awnings were made from canvas, but as technology advanced, sturdier and more extravagant awnings came into the picture. During industrialization, when new production techniques were developed, there was a significant rise in the popularity of awnings. More durable manufactured materials like polyester, vinyl, acrylic, fiberglass, and aluminum replaced simple canvas.

Retractable awnings started trending in the early 1900s. They offered a great deal of convenience and the luxury of protection. They were built with a pulley system that made extending and retracting them quite easy.

Today, retractable awnings are more beneficial than ever before. With so many dealers and brands out there, it’s quite easy to get an awning installed. Let’s take a look at the benefits of installing retractable awnings in Tampa fl at your home or office.

Benefits of Retractable Awnings


Compared to the non-retractable version, a retractable awning requires a greater initial investment, but its durability makes it a better long-term choice. A retractable awning can better withstand extreme weather and damage from the sun.

Energy Savings

The most important advantage of retractable awnings by far is that you can easily lower your cooling costs, to the tune of $200 per year. By limiting the amount of sun exposure it receives, awnings keep your home cooler, which in turn reduces your air conditioning bill. During the winter, simply retract the awnings to benefit from the free solar energy streaming in through the windows.

Plenty of Style Options

When making energy-saving improvements, homeowners want to retain as much curb appeal as possible. Retractable awnings come in a variety of styles to match your taste, from rustic to sleek and modern, and are made from a selection of materials like canvas, fabric, and aluminum. Rollac vertical drop awnings can be customized to your liking.

Outdoor Furniture Longevity

You’ve invested lots of money and effort into picking the right patio furniture for your home. Protecting it from sunlight and bad weather with a retractable awning will make it last longer.

Increase Home’s Resale Value

Patios and decks bring a great return on investment when you sell your home. Adding an awning to these areas increases their usability and significantly improves curb appeal. The design and construction of the awning can also influence the final decision of a potential buyer. Ultimately, you can expect a higher resale price for your home.

Common Awning Installation Problems + Solutions

Like any other mechanical device, awnings can experience problems. These installation issues are common with retractable awnings.

Problem: The awning makes a cracking noise when extending or retracting.

Solution: The awning brackets are fitted loosely. Ensure that the square torsion bar is completely seated in the back of the mounting bracket. Tighten the mounting bolt until the locking lip on the internal side of the bracket comes over the torsion bar.

Problem: The fabric is not tight.

Solution: The arms are locked out, causing the fabric to sag. Reverse the cranking direction and retract the awning until the fabric is pulled tight. Remember, the fabric should always roll over the top of the roller tube and not underneath it.

Problem: The motorized awning stopped working suddenly when you were rolling it in or out.

Solution: Your awning motor comes with a built-in thermal override to prevent overheating. Prolonged use can cause the motor to shut down temporarily. Allow the motor to cool down for 10 to 15 minutes, and then use the remote again. The unit should begin operating normally.

Additional Dos and Don’ts While Handling Awnings

  • DO retract the unit when it’s not in use or if severe weather is predicted.
  • DO clean your awning occasionally, as described in the user manual.
  • DO retract your motorized awning with the manual override button if power is not available.
  • DO NOT leave the awning extended when you are away from home.
  • DO NOT hang plants or allow children to play on the front bar; heavy weights can cause the awning to collapse and break.

Install Retractable Awnings at Your Home or Office Today

When you’re buying retractable awnings, it’s important to define your needs, explore multiple options, and contact several dealers. Only buy awnings of reputable brands, from a dealer with a good after-sales service reputation. Once these requirements are met, you’re ready to get a retractable awning installed.


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