Five Best Motivational Books for Teens

It is not easy being a teenager. Teens are typically tuned in with the outside universe — a world in that they will soon attend college as freshly minted (and unexpectedly autonomous) young adults — in addition to managing the interpersonal minefield of high school and coping with scholastic expectations.

They could be mourning a first major loss, adjusting to changing psychological health or feeling alienated from friends who do not understand what they are going through, much like the protagonists in these stories. Point your adolescent to one of these comforting novels that encourage positive thinking. Your positive thinking needs a reminder that they are more robust than they believe, that there is a consolation to be discovered, and that life can also be humorous even at its most cruel and befuddling. 

1. You Can Win by Shiv Khera

Though this is a standard self-help book, Shiv Khera has succeeded in achieving out to everyone with his basic yet powerful thoughts. The wording in this book is kept basic and to the point, making it easy to grasp. You Can Win is a book on how to achieve success via personal development and a positive mindset. This book also consists of motivational quotes for students that can change the lives of teenagers.

2. The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, …

Perhaps the most significant impediment to achievement, happiness, and financial well-being is a lack of willpower. Kelly McGonagall’s book is a fantastic resource for developing willpower. Each chapter focuses on a single fundamental concept and how it may help you reach your objectives. You will discover how to effortlessly regulate your attention, moods, and wants by using the techniques and tactics explained in the book. And whether you want to lose some weight, stop smoking, participate in sports, constantly check your mail every five minutes, start a company, or look for another job, the techniques in this book will help you transform your life for the better.

3. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

A book is a non-fiction account of a person’s life. One of those novels alters one’s perspective on some areas of life—a remarkable, devastating friendship tragedy between two youngsters who subsequently revealed out to be siblings. If authored by a middle-class writer, the narrative might resemble an old Indian film or a trip to Santa Barbara. But beneath the pen of Khaled, everything is unique; he deftly makes each and every one of your cells quake, erupting all of his worries and buried thoughts, all of his childhood hurts that he wishes he could reverse – but he lacks the courage or the ability. The primary character, Amir, appeared and confessed his cowardice and betrayal, first to himself and then to Sohrab, changing his own and Sohrab’s fate. Many best free app for online teaching recommends this book for their readers.

The book helps you reflect on your own behaviour, view on life, and interpersonal connections.

4. Getting to Yes with Yourself and Other Worthy Opponents by William Ury

We will be able to reconcile with others more quickly if we can get grips with ourselves first. This book falls into the category of those whose content you want to talk over, debate in a hot argument, and as a consequence, they will make you realize yourself.

Getting to Yes with Yourself is a book about how to face your greatest adversary in life — yourself. It is crucial not just in terms of how you connect with others but also in terms of whether you are in tune with yourself. Any adjustments you make in your environment must begin with you – this is already half the battle won. The book contains a lot of guidance, which makes you learn yourself, give you a lot of fresh concepts, and encourages you to ask yourself a lot more questions and hunt for solutions. It is a really refreshing way of looking at life, and it lets you see a lot of things in a different light.

5. Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel Laureate, has published an amazing book on the fascinating realm of our conscious and unconscious thought processes. This book is chock-full of intriguing findings that will help you better understand how you make choices and respond to various situations in your life. It is a nice book to read.

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