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Share Music on Pinterest: The Basics and Every Detail in 2023

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Do you know how to share music on Pinterest? Pinterest is one of the fashionable social networks. Analysts point out that it is one of the few that continues to grow and with more force among users, especially among the female gender. And it is that this social network allows its users to share, through boards, everything on the Web that they consider attractive. 

Users generally share exciting content about various topics appropriately classified on so-called boards. Other users can access the published content, comment on it, like it, and even follow the board or the user who has posted it.

Among the content that you can share on this social network (known as Pins) are articles, links, videos, photos, and even music, among other things. However, not all content is as easy to share; today, we want to show you how to share music on Pinterest.

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How to Share Music on Pinterest: Know All the Details

The first thing we have to be clear about is that we will not be able to upload audio files locally to our Pinterest profile but to publish music, We must make use of other web services that will allow us to share these files in the form of a link and not as a physical file.

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That said, the easiest thing to come to mind is to share video clips from our favorite artists; in this way, we will share the song and the music video, which will undoubtedly make this publication much more attractive.

Video Streaming services that allow you to share videos by default on any of your Pinterest boards include YouTube and Vimeo. If you want to share any video from these platforms, locate the video and click on the Share option. This is where you will find the Pinterest icon, which you must select to mark later the board on which you want the Pin to appear.

Alternatively, using the video link, you can manually share music on Pinterest, share videos, and copy them to your Pinterest profile.

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The popular SoundCloud and Spotify are the most recommended platforms for sharing audio, songs, or music. The first, as with YouTube, allows you to share any theme you have in the SoundCloud profile through the specific Pinterest button natively incorporated into the platform, which you can access through the share option.

If you are a Spotify user, you should know that it does not have any native option to directly share the songs in your Pinterest profile as it happens with other social networks such as Facebook, where it does allow you to publish what you are heard at all times.

Important Points

However, this does not mean that Spotify music cannot be published on Pinterest; the only thing that happens is that we will have to use a third-party service called Pinstamatic, through which we can share music on Pinterest.

When you select the song you want to share, the album cover will be displayed on the pin of the album with a play button at the top. You can check the different options available to choose the album cover. Clicking on the pin will redirect you to Spotify, where you can listen to the selected track.



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