Top 10 Semi-Trailer Supplier & Manufacturers In China

You are apprehensive about moving because you have a lot of furniture to haul. These are just a handful of the numerous scenarios in which your clients would use a trailer to move their items from one location to another.

 Furthermore, you don’t want the company’s trailer to crash through and harm the delivered items. It would be best if you had a top-notch trailer manufacturer for that, and we can give you one in China. With a population of more than 1.4 billion, China is a sizable international market.

 Its main industries include manufacturers and suppliers, both domestically and internationally. You don’t want to pass up the chance to expand your business in such a market, so we have compiled a list of trailer manufacturers in China to help.

 Here is a list of the top ten Chinese trailer manufacturers you should consider.

 1. China Semi Trailer Supplier

A reputable Chinese manufacturer of semi-trailers and a factory for truck trailers is Shandong Fudeng Auto Co., Ltd. Our company specializes in producing and marketing various types of semi-trailers. We have a professional design and research team for semi-trailers to give clients the highest quality semi-trailer. To know more, visit here –

2. COSCO Shipping

Cosco is a global transportation company with a Shanghai headquarters and yet another enormous Chinese company. The world’s largest vessel fleet is now housed in this organization, founded in January 2016. There are 1310 ships in all. The yearly manufacturing capacity of Shanghai Universal Logistics is 500,000 TEU. Additionally, COSCO owns a 14.5% equity stake in CIMC.

3. SINGAMAS (Singamas Container Holdings Ltd.)

With nine factories, they are one of the top producers of containers in China. They manufacture speciality boxes such as dry freight containers, foldable flat-rack containers, open-top containers, tank containers, offshore containers, and other types. In 2018, Singamas generated a record $1.7 billion in revenue.

  1. CXIC (CXIC Group Containers Co., Ltd.)

CXIC was established in Changzhou, China, in 1996. This business focuses on producing containers. They manufacture tank containers, customized containers, and containers for dry freight. 90% of CXIX’s manufacturing is exported to more than 40 nations worldwide.

  1. CEC (China Eastern Containers)

China-based CEC is a manufacturer of containers that is expanding quickly. Their factory and corporate offices are both in Shanghai and have a 150,000 TEU yearly manufacturing capacity. Standard shipping containers, robust storage containers, offshore containers, and unique boxes are among their offerings.

  1. CIMC (China International Marine Container Group Co., Ltd.)

CIMC, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, was created in 1980 due to the union of China Merchants Group and East Asiatic Company. They cater to markets in North America, Asia, and Europe and offer a wide variety of boxes, from dry containers to modular container homes. The annual capacity of CIMC’s 11 factories is 2 million containers. It is the first business to transport 2 million TEUs abroad.


One of the best truck trailer producers in China is ULTRATON. Our truck trailer factory has a complete set of manufacturing tools and truck and trailer parts, enabling us to build various kinds of semi-trailers and their parts.

We prioritize customer happiness and work harder than other semi-trailer manufacturers to give you better products and more dependable service.

  1. Shandong Huatong International Trade Co., Ltd.

This Chinese company is based in Shandong and specializes in producing a variety of high-end trailers and trailer components. They possess production facilities where the goods are produced with cutting-edge technology and the greatest raw materials.

They have consistently delivered goods on schedule in more than 2000 transactions, demonstrating their dedication to their clients. Intertek, the top inspection firm in the world, has certified Shandong Huatong. Semi-trailers, semi-trailer axles and springs, landing gear, and trailer suspension are all included in their product line. 


Since 1999, the China-based truck and trailer manufacturer SHACMAN has earned a solid reputation. The quality of its products and customer expectations are of utmost importance to SHACMAN. The entire production process is client-focused and depends on their needs and requirements.

 The entire production process complies with industry standards for automobile manufacturing and is environmentally friendly. 

  1. Qingte Group

Customers in more than 30 countries can buy luxury products from this manufacturer. Axle assemblies for light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty trucks, semi-trailers, off-road construction vehicles, and original vehicle spare components are among the special vehicles they produce.

Internationalization is the policy that Qingte pays particular attention to. It conducts business with reputable international brands in the automotive sector.


Some of the leading Chinese manufacturers of semi-trailers are listed above. Hope the above information was useful while looking for a source.




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