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15 Rules for Successful Life, According to Experts

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Many experts have discussed the rules for success that you must adhere to if you want to advance in business, in your career, or even in your personal life. While many of these rules may be unique, there are a few that have been proven to be real keys to achieving your goals without sacrificing your happiness.

According to Harvard University, for instance, you must develop tools such as the ability to plan and control yourself in order to be successful. Bill Gates says that you must find what you are passionate about and fight for it. Jeff Bezos says that you must learn to turn off criticism and external noise in order to hear yourself.

Of course, it’s important to be productive, work hard, fight for your dreams, and take risks, but there are other rules, more of a guide, that experts say are the best way to not only find a mate, but to maintain success over the years and ensure you will not get stuck or have a bad time while attempting them.

The rules for success in life, according to psychology

Steve C. Hayes, a professor of psychology at the University of Nevada, wrote in Psychology Today that he discovered the ideal rules for success through the powerful new information he gained throughout his career.

“Therefore, the following thirteen rules are likely to assist you in pursuing (and achieving) whatever type of success you seek. She wrote, “I initially developed them for work and academic settings, but with some expansion, they have served me well in many other contexts as well.”

  1. The process is as important as the result
  2. Fail when trying something, and not because you don’t dare to do it
  3. Dare to say yes and commit
  4. Work with others and learn to share
  5. Don’t break your commitments
  6. Be responsible for yourself and the way you affect those around you
  7. Recognize your own power and act coherently to it
  8. Create connections with people you consider better
  9. Always protect your integrity
  10. look for your happiness
  11. be true to yourself
  12. Also learn to say No when necessary and be firm when doing so.
  13. Do not leave calls or emails unread or answered

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As their author states, these rules are applicable to a wide variety of situations, circumstances, and even relationships, because they are based on the idea that you are at the center of your own success, and it is your actions that determine whether you can achieve it or not.

Among the rules, for instance, the importance of knowing how to say yes or no depending on the situation or offer stands out; it is about knowing how to recognize when something is beneficial or detrimental to you, but in both cases, the expert advises that we must commit to our position and remain steadfast, without allowing the pressure and opinions of others to influence our choice.

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Also, according to Hayes, happiness is a crucial component of success; therefore, you should protect and pursue it above all else, and you should always be true to your ideals, beliefs, and plans. “Be true to yourself by pursuing your bliss, even if it occasionally requires taking a chance. If you are hesitant to trust your instincts, construct a safety net. However, do not violate what you deem essential,” the expert cautions.



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