Online Therapy on Calmerry: Bridging the Gap in Mental Health Care

Online therapy has become more and more popular lately. Offering affordability and flexibility, telehealth and online mental health care services provide a convenient way to access help. 

While many individuals may not be able to receive mental health care due to several boundaries, such as geographical location, affordability, or availability, online therapy on Calmerry helps to bridge these gaps, emerging as a viable, comfortable solution for those looking for a mental health care therapist. 

What Is Calmerry?

Calmerry is an online therapy company and platform that aims to bridge the gap in mental health care. Founded in 2020, it has quickly emerged as a trustworthy platform for many patients looking for affordability and convenience. 

Mental health can be financially inaccessible for many individuals, with prices per session rising to as high as $200 or more. Calmerry provides affordable, flexible monthly plans with different types of communication. 

Online therapy on Calmerry can be accessed by anyone who lives in a therapy desert – where such services are either non-existent or overbooked, or those who live a fast-paced, busy life with little to no time available for in-person sessions. 

How Does Online Therapy on Calmerry Work?

Calmerry’s platform is very straightforward, so you can make an account and be matched with a specialist within minutes. The journey starts with a questionnaire designed to collect information about your unique situation in order to match you with the right therapist. 

Also, you can choose from three different types of mental health therapy subscriptions, depending on your needs, budget, and preferences. The most affordable pricing plan is messaging only, and you can add one or four video chats per month for an extra charge. 

Then, once you create your account, you can access Calmerry’s portal where you can schedule an appointment with the therapist and reach out to them. Also, the platform allows you to cancel your subscription at any time. 

Calmerry’s Tools and Resources

Calmerry’s perhaps most overlook feature is the access to free resources to aid patients on their journey to a better state of mind. The platform features an extensive blog available for free with easy-to-read articles on a wide range of matters, such as how to spot gaslighting at work, how to overcome self-doubting, and more. Some of the main topics include depression and anxiety, grief and trauma, relationship, and self-esteem

Also, the platform’s resource section contains several mental health tests, ranging from detecting burnout to anxiety, depression, and life satisfaction tests. Finally, there is a free webinar available that introduces you to how individual therapy works, how to establish your goals, and how to benefit the most from individual mental health therapy. 

Once you create an account, there are additional tools you can access. There is an included reflection tool where you can share your daily insight. Although optional, this tool is an added benefit of using Calmerry. 

Also, when you add your insights for the day, you can opt to share them with your therapist – although you can also skip this if you prefer to keep your reflections private. Journaling in mental health is very important as you can easily identify unhelpful thinking patterns, moods, or feelings and share them with your therapist, so they can help you identify relevant coping mechanisms and improve your well-being. 

At the same time, you can use the straightforward interface to access two types of assessments, one for depression and one for anxiety. These are initial screening tools that help to diagnose and measure the severity of your symptoms. 

Finally, you can also access worksheets and courses. These sections could be recommended to you by your therapist, depending on your situation. For example, if you opted for help on relationship issues, your counselor may give you “homework” to complete a worksheet with signs of unhealthy relationships. There are multiple worksheets and courses available for you to choose from. 

If you are comfortable with using technology, Calmerry provides an excellent user experience and an easy-to-use interface. Text therapy has been shown to be as efficient as in-person therapy, but a platform like Calmerry comes with added benefits for those looking for affordability and convenience. 

Who Can Benefit from Online Therapy on Calmerry?

Online therapy on Calmerry is available to anyone aged at least 18. It focuses on individual therapy that covers a wide range of emotional issues and life challenges, including:

  • Stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Anger management
  • Dealing with chronic illness
  • Family conflicts and relationship management
  • Emotional abuse, trauma
  • Mood disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • OCD

Every therapist on Calmerry is stringently assessed before joining the platform, ensuring that they are licensed and trained in psychotherapy. When joining the platform, you need to answer several questions. Your answers help you to be matched with the right therapist. However, if you are not at ease with the therapist you are matched with, you can switch the counselor for free. 

Those looking for affordability may want to choose the messaging plan. This means that you can text your therapist at any time during weekdays and they will reply to you at a convenient time, typically once or twice per day. 

The video subscriptions include free, unlimited messaging with your therapist, but you may also be able to add one or more video sessions. The video session lasts 30 minutes and is ideal if you prefer to have a live conversation with your therapist. Video sessions can occur at any time convenient for you, provided the therapist is also available. 

Overall, Calmerry is an affordable, convenient platform that bridges the gap in mental health care by providing access to much-needed support. All therapists are licensed and can help with a wide range of issues. The platform does not offer prescription management services and it is not suitable for those with severe mental health issues. 


For some, going to the therapist’s office can be impossible – whether it is because it’s financially draining or there is no specialist in your area, or they are already overbooked. Calmerry’s mission is to make online therapy available for everyone without impacting your financial situation. The platform bridges the gap in mental health, helping individuals to achieve physical and emotional well-being and lead a happy, rewarding life.

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