Naples Bid Farewell to Club Legend Diego Maradona

The world is crying out for Diego Maradona, who died Wednesday at the age of 60. But the Naples people have to feel this endless pain for the second time. The Famous Argentine legend of the ‘God of Football’ had once left them. They can only tell what the pain of losing the same loved one twice!

Naples city club, Naples, left Maradona in 1992. But his last score for the team was a little. Because he was given a 15-month ban for taking banned drugs. Maradona played for teams like Boca Juniors and Barcelona before joining Naples on record transfer fees of the season. But he blew everything up for the Italian team.

Diego Maradona won five titles when played seven seasons at Naples. Rather, it should be said that the only way to win was by the One-Man. The team could not replicate that success even after almost three decades. That’s why The 1986 World Cup win for the national team is as much as that of Argentina.

The shadow of sadness in Naples, the great plague of Maradona. The heart of the city is full of deep sorrow. As his death news started spreading on Wednesday evening local time, the church bells were ringing in the air. The people who were caught in the magic of Maradona’s feet, wept as they walked out of the street. He also comforts one another.

But how will the people of Naples recover this grief? They consider Maradona to be the best symbol of their city. The city with a wall with murals, graffiti, and so on! Maradona is not just a footballer who comes to play for their favorite club but is part of their life.

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The debate was always a constant in Maradona’s life with extraordinary talent and skill. Even when he was in Naples, he was no exception. One of his lawyers at the time was Angelo Pisani. He could not hold his emotions when talking about Maradona’s death.

It is the hardest moment for everyone who loves football. Maradona was the light of this city Napoli. He was the most important symbol of world football. This year 2020 took the life of the most important man in world football. 

Maradona may have been a legend for the rest, but he is “God” to the people of Naples.

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