One Day We’ll Kick a Ball Together in the Sky Above: Pele

Who is the greatest footballer in the world? Brazilian Pele or Maradona of Argentina. The debate has been going on all over the world for ages. They have been involved in that debate many times. But now one man has gone over the top of all the debates. Diego Armando Maradona’s departure is much bigger than he was 20 years old.

The Argentine “Football God” has received an emotional response from Reuters after learning about the news. Pele says Maradona has left, he is also going to visit him, “Very shocking news. I lost a friend today. My God will give strength to his family. I’m sure we’ll play football in the sky together one day.”

BBC Sport also tweeted: Pele has led the tributes to Diego Maradona who has passed away aged 60. “One day we’ll kick a ball together in the sky above.”

Maradona suffered a massive heart attack at his home in the afternoon of Wednesday local time in Argentina. The football magician did not survive even in the hospital. At 60 years old, he stopped by the name of the world’s most famous name, the Romance.

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