Making the Jump to a Managerial Position

The goal of every employee is to have the title ‘Manager’ on their curriculum vitae; a tag attached to the door that reads ‘manager’s office’ and a table label with the inscription ‘managing director.’ The joy of every employee is to reach the apex of their career before going on a well-deserved retirement.

If you’ve been aiming to see the word ‘manager’ appear in your job title, then know that it is achievable with preparation, determination, and consistency. Transitioning into a managerial post is exciting and can help pave the way for better opportunities, but there are some factors you need to put in place to make that dream come true.

How To Transition To A Managerial Position

1. Learn The Rope

We were all born novices, except when a miracle happens; I don’t expect anyone to know how things work except professionals teach him. After hiring, you will likely be placed in the care of a senior colleague to put you through how things are done at the workplace.

This period is usually called the probation period when you’re expected to pull strings and stay motivated to pass the test. As an employer with goals and insight, you should learn from senior colleagues about how things are done; this will give you an edge over others and make you pass the probation period with ease.

Passing the probation period isn’t the end of the line, in fact, it means more challenges, and you need to buckle up to show you’re up to the task.

2. Learn To Delegate

You don’t become the best by doing all tasks yourself, don’t be a clock that works all day, rather have a scale of preference for your tasks; do the most important tasks yourself, and delegate the other tasks. Delegating your tasks doesn’t mean you show a carefree attitude to the task by not examining the end product when submitted to you.

Delegating tasks will create more time for you to focus on other important things that could give your career a boost. You can then use that period to register for courses to earn your certification and put you in the right position for promotion.

Attending courses to earn a project management certification is the most sought after from employees around the world. Earning it by doing the needful will be a bonus to your career since studies show that employees who have the project management certification earn more than their colleagues and also stand a chance of being promoted.

3. Learn About Leadership

You can’t be a leader if you lack the qualities of a leader; likewise, you can’t be a manager if you lack the qualities of a manager. For you to position yourself for promotion, then you must have shown some leadership qualities that will convince that board of executives that the company will be in good hands.

To achieve this aim, you can either learn from senior colleagues or take online classes in leadership to sharpen your skills. Also, you can volunteer to be team lead whenever a project is to be done to boost your confidence.

4. Remain Consistent

Consistency is key to any dream. Transitioning into a managerial position doesn’t occur overnight, and taking a leadership course or project management certification course without implementing what you’ve learned will amount to nothing if you are not intentional about it.

Consistency sharpens your skills until you’ve mastered and it becomes part of you, so you have little or no problem transitioning to a higher level. When you remain consistent, you draw the attention of the executives to yourself, and within time, you will be handed what you deserve.


The greatest honor for many is to have a house, a super-fast car, or even a yacht to cruise the ocean; of course, these are great, and they make life even more interesting, but many employees want their curriculum vitae to speak volume. The title ‘manager’ on an employee’s curriculum vitae gives a chance to work in any company that needs his service and, of course, with good pay.

Transitioning into a managerial position has to deal with a lot of factors that need to be put in place before being considered capable of such a high position.

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