How to Make Your Drawers Support a Lot of Weight?

Drawers are one of the essential household organizing tools. They can help you store your clothes and other items, but it can be difficult to organize them properly when you have a lot of weight in them – that’s where drawer slides come in handy. Drawers should support a lot of weight because it’s likely that you will be storing a lot of items in your drawers. Below are ways to help make your drawer support a lot of weight.

1. Anchor Your Drawer Slides to the Wall

Anchoring your drawer slides is an excellent way to secure them to the wall. It will hold your drawer slides in place because the weight of your items is now holding them. As a result, the weight of the drawers will be distributed evenly across the wall, and then it will be less likely that your drawers will slide down.

You can anchor drawer slides by using U-shaped brackets or screws. There are many ways to secure a drawer to the wall, but sometimes you can slide it against a wall so it does not slide down.

2. Use the Right Kind of Drawer Slides

Choosing the right kind of drawer slides is important when looking for drawers that can hold a lot of weight. A heavy-duty drawer slide is more sturdy and able to support a lot of weight than its plastic counterparts, but it’s important to choose the right size for your drawers.

The best drawer slide for heavy items is a bottom-mounted slider because they will support good even weight distribution across your drawers.

Bottom-mounted sliders have a lower center of gravity and larger rollers, making it easier to support heavy contents and providing a smooth ride when opening and closing the drawer.

Bottom-mounted drawer slides tend to be more expensive because they are larger than other sliders. Still, they offer better support for weight since the weight is distributed evenly across your drawers when sliding them.

3. Use Strong Wood for the Drawers

Strong wood and sturdy drawers are an excellent combination because they will ensure that your items can support a lot of weight. Make sure that the drawer slides you use are stable, durable, and long-lasting rather than flimsy to support a lot of weight.

When buying your drawers, you should check out the materials used to build them, especially if you want to prevent them from being made from soft materials. The best wood for making drawers are solid woods, hardwoods, and plywood because they are strong enough to support a lot of weight.

4. Install Metal On the Drawers

One of the top ways to make your drawers more sturdy is to install metal on them. Metal can add extra support to using thicker drawer slides with your drawers. Also, frames can add extra support for your drawers if you want to do it yourself, but sometimes it may not be necessary.

If you don’t need a lot of extra support, metal can be an excellent way to add more storage space to your drawers. In addition, metal frames are versatile because they can be used for other types of furniture in your house, like a vanity table.

5. Use Deep Drawers

Deep drawer models are an excellent choice if you want to use them for clothing or heavy items because they tend to be sturdier than smaller drawers. The deeper drawers will also make your items able to support a lot of weight because they provide more space for your items.

The only downside to deep drawers is that they can sometimes be difficult to slide because you have to push your clothing forward for them to move. If you are concerned about this, you can anchor the drawers using wooden blocks in the back, so they will not slide down.


Check your drawers and see how much weight they can support on their own. Your drawers should be able to support the weight of the items you want to store when they are empty. You should also consider the weight of your clothes if you are planning on storing clothing in the drawers because they tend to weigh more than other materials. Finally, ensure to account for the weight of your items when anchoring your drawer slides so that they can support a lot of weight.


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