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Features that Define a Luxury Home

You no longer need to be a millionaire to have a luxury home. Luxury means something different to everyone. It has become more affordable to buy an extravagant house nowadays, depending on what you consider extravagant of course.

Every homebuyer has different priorities when buying a home. Some features may be essential, while others are considered luxuries that would provide homebuyers with their dream lifestyle. One thing that luxury home characteristics have in common is that they add value to the home.

When looking at luxury homes you will come across certain features that show up again and again.

Stunning views

Imagine sitting in your home enjoying a glass of wine at the end of a long day, looking out the window or sitting on the balcony enjoying stunning views. Is there anything more luxurious?

Living in a peaceful environment offers a great quality of life. Many luxury homes have large windows or skylights to make the most of natural sunlight and the surrounding views.

Luxury homes are often designed to bring the outdoors in, with balconies or alfresco dining areas so you and your house guests can sit outside and enjoy the scenery over a meal.


Whether it’s a home close to the bustling city or something located near nature parks, the location of your home can provide you with a sense of luxury.

Certain suburbs of Melbourne are in high demand due to the luxuries they provide. Homebuyers are increasingly looking at houses for sale in Clyde North for a location with beautiful surroundings and proximity to essential necessities.

Waterfront properties are generally highly sought after, as living near an ocean, lake, or river can often give a home a luxurious feel.

Walk-in wardrobe

Closet space is often a luxury for many homeowners. Coming from a small apartment with minimal storage, moving into your own home offers numerous benefits, one of them being additional space.

Luxury homes often go one step further with wardrobes, by creating spacious dressing rooms. Having a stylish chair and dressing table to sit at while getting ready gives the wardrobe a more elegant and luxurious atmosphere.

Designed for functionality and aesthetics, walk-in wardrobes in luxury homes often include stylish features such as full-length mirrors, vanities, flattering lighting, and built-in shoe racks and hanging space.

A walk-in wardrobe within luxury homes is often designed as a showcase for your clothing, with numerous cabinets, drawers, and shelving to store and display clothing and accessories.

Fine dining

Often considered the heart of any dwelling, a kitchen can really set the tone of your house.

If you’re after luxury, you can’t go wrong with a chef’s kitchen. The center of your home for cooking and entertaining, a chef’s kitchen comes with high-end features and appliances, abundant bench and storage space, and a spacious layout.

Another kitchen feature often found in luxury homes is a butler’s pantry. A walk-in pantry to store appliances, kitchen supplies, and groceries, this small room helps keep the kitchen area clear of clutter, making the space more functional while improving the overall appearance. In some other luxury homes, they also build an outdoor kitchen with a stainless grill set up so they could also hold a party outside, even with the large Group. If you want to have these options in your home, you may visit RTA Outdoor Living to see their different kitchen layouts and modern designs.

A smart home

Smart features are a common occurrence in luxury homes. They offer convenience, comfort, and security, a must for luxury living.

From security systems to light sensors, to smart thermostats, there is a wide range of smart features found in luxury homes.

Lights can be set to a timer or motion detection, automatic blinds and curtains can be set to certain times of day, while smart thermostats can learn temperature preferences and automatically adjust.

A home security system is a feature found in luxury homes, often one that can be monitored via a mobile app and internet-connected cameras.

Whether you’re looking at real estate in Glen Waverley, or land release in Melbourne to build your own house, these are just some of the key features you’ll find in a luxury home.



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