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Should You Work With Local Conveyancing Solicitors?

There are many ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ to appointing a local firm to deal with your sale or purchase. It is important as a client to consider what best suits you and what your requirements are from your solicitor.

While some high street firms will have been practicing for a very long time, it is vital as a client to consider whether that actually benefits you. The law is constantly changing, in particular with respect to residential property, and the best firms will adapt and change both with the changes in law and the changes in client needs and expectations.

While some conveyancing solicitors may have been practicing for 100 years, this does not tell you anything about their ability to deal with the expectations and demands of a modern client. Whether in business for 100 years or 1, conveyancing solicitors and elsewhere need to ensure they are equipped to help clients achieve their goals today. 

Every client regardless of their own position will require value for money from their conveyancing solicitor.

When instructing a conveyancing solicitor, you are ultimately looking for professional service; the person who is best able to achieve your goal – to help you move. This person may be sitting in a shiny imposing office, or as so many of us have gotten used to in recent months, maybe working from home or elsewhere. 

While a smart office in a prominent position in the high street gives a promising impression, this comes at its own cost – remember, your fees are paying for that.

A client should consider – do I want to help pay the rent on conveyancing solicitors office, or do I want to instruct the best in the business, wherever they are located?

The Property Market in England

The property market in England is very regional; there will be matters that affect the market in Liverpool that do not impact London or Bristol for example. Certainly conveyancing solicitors in London may know more about these than a national firm.

However, as a client you are not instructing your solicitor to write public policy, or carry out market analysis for you – you want to move!

Licensed and trusted conveyancing solicitors will have the client’s objective at the heart of their work and will maintain focus on achieving this, whatever the local market conditions.

Key to this will be close contact with the agent, who will be best placed to advise on market conditions and changes if and where relevant. There are winners and losers in all types of property markets, it is the solicitor’s job to ensure that their clients are among the winners.

While conveyancing solicitors in London may better know their local market, this does not always translate to a better outcome for their client.

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