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Friday, June 2, 2023

Lionel Messi Tells Barcelona He Wants to Leave

Lionel Messi’s chances of leaving Barcelona are getting stronger with time. The Argentine forward announced his decision to leave the club in a fax message on Tuesday. This time, the record-breaking six-time best footballer has made such a big decision by being angry with new coach Ronald Koeman.

Koeman took over as Barcelona coach after the departure of Quique Setien. After getting the responsibility, it is the responsibility of the coach to discuss with the students. Koeman did that. However, Koeman could not satisfy the disciples in that discussion. Most importantly, all of Koeman’s discussions with the players came up in the media, which Messi could not accept.

Not only that, Messi is heartbroken by another word from Koeman. That is, the benefits that Messi gets as a big star will not be given, said Koeman. In addition, Messi’s long-time teammate Luis Suarez has also been given the message to leave the club. Above all, Messi is not satisfied at all with the new coach. This was reported by the Spanish media Deportes Cuatro.

According to a report from Deportes, Koeman told Messi: “You have to do everything for the team now. I will remain steadfast in this matter. You have to think about the club all the time.”

After that, Messi has made his decision. The Argentine star has informed Barca he will leave the club in the new season. Messi also informed Barca via a letter (“burofax”), according to ESPN.

“Today is a sad day for Barcelona fans,” Alfredo Martinez, head of sports at Spanish radio station Ondachero department, said in a tweet.

He also confirmed in a tweet about Messi’s decision to leave Barca. He tweeted, “Lionel Messi has stated that he no longer wants to stay at Barsa. After 29 years in the professional squad, the best player in history wants to go, Bartomeu will stay. Former defender and captain Carlos Puyol, Messi’s longtime partner at Barcelona, also tweeted, “Respect and admiration, Leo, my support is my friend.”

However, Messi was due to leave Barca after losing 8-2 to Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The new coach Ronald Koeman could not pour water on that buzz. In the end, the Argentine star announced his decision.

Meanwhile, there are some complications in the case of Messi’s transfer, according to the BBC. According to the contract, if Messi expressed his desire by June 10, he would have the opportunity to leave the club without a fee. However, due to the postponement of the season due to Coronavirus, the validity of this condition will be extended till August 31.



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