LinkedIn Introduces AI-powered Features to Improve User Profiles

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This month, LinkedIn started sending out “AI-powered conversation starters” to get more people talking on its platform. The move got a lot of attention, but none of it was particularly positive.

But the truth is that LinkedIn has been using AI and other forms of automation in many parts of its platform for years, mostly behind the scenes as it builds and manages its network. Since Microsoft is putting all of its money into OpenAI, it looks like OpenAI is now playing a bigger role in LinkedIn’s front-end strategy, with the latest changes happening today in LinkedIn profiles, hiring, and LinkedIn Learning.

The company makes AI-driven writing suggestions to help LinkedIn users improve their profiles and recruiters write job descriptions. Tomer Cohen, who is in charge of products at LinkedIn, says that both are made with sophisticated GPT models.

LinkedIn uses the GPT-4 format for customized profiles and the GPT-3.5 format for job descriptions. Also, the company is focusing more on artificial intelligence in LinkedIn Learning. It has collected 100 courses on the subject and is adding 20 more that are only about generative AI.

The AI writing prompts for profiles are meant to help people who have trouble writing interesting summaries of who they are but may be able to write about some of the things they’ve done. The AI will then use this information to make a story that flows better.

The company says its technology “finds the most important skills and experiences to highlight in your About and Headline sections and comes up with ideas to make your profile stand out.” The tool saves you time and energy by doing work-intensive tasks while keeping your voice and style. It tells you to “examine and change” the information before adding it to your profile.

On the other hand, the job descriptions will be based on a similar premise: A recruiter writes down important information, like the job title and the company’s name. The next step is for “our technology to produce a suggested job description for you to look over and edit,” according to Cohen in a blog post. This will save you time and effort while letting you make the position fit your needs. By making this part of the hiring process easier, you can focus on things that are more important from a strategic point of view.

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