Hyperdilute Radiesse Q&A

You may have looked in the mirror once or twice and have wanted to change a thing or two about the way you look. Your facial features may be a big problem for you, or you may not like the wrinkles on your face. There may be lines on your face that make you look older. If you don’t like something, change it. You may have heard about Hyperdilute Radiesse. There may be many questions you have before you decide whether or not you want to go through with it. This guide will walk you through the most frequently asked questions and answers to help you become more familiar with Hyperdilute Radiesse Q&A.

What is Hyperdilute Radiesse?

It is a filler injection that dermatologists or a medical spa doctor will provide. This injection uses two products, lidocaine and saline. It is used to decrease lines found on your face. Most doctors will inject it below your bottom lip, and it will smooth out your facial features a bit. It can also be injected into your neck.

What is the Process Like?

First, the doctor will put marks on your face or neck. These markings will show the doctor where to put the injections so they won’t go off track. It is up to you where you want the injections to go to smooth out any lines or wrinkles. Once the doctor has marked your face, they will put some numbing medicine on those marks. It will feel more comfortable for you so you won’t feel any pain. The numbing medicine will be in the form of either a needle or a cream. It won’t take any time at all for the numbing medicine to work. The doctor will insert the needle underneath the skin onto the marks they marked.

Is There Any After Care Treatment to Do?

After the treatment has been completed, there will be holes in your face. The doctor will put small bandaids to cover the holes in your face. It will prevent bacteria from entering those holes causing an infection. Leave those bandaids on for about four hours, and then you’re all set.

Does it Hurt?

The numbing medicine the doctor puts on before the procedure will prevent any pain that you could feel. Once the process is completed, you may feel a little pressure, but you shouldn’t feel any pain. If you feel pain during the process, let the doctor know. You may not have a very low pain tolerance. That will determine the amount of numbing injections or cream the doctor needs to do.

How Long Does it Take Before it Starts Working?

You may notice a difference right away. However, it will take approximately three months before the collagen can start building.

How Much Does This Cost?

It could cost anywhere from 600 to 900 dollars. It depends on the number of needles used during the treatment process. If you’re having more than one needle inserted, it could cost twice or triple that amount. You may want to speak with your insurance company before you go in for your treatment. Most insurance companies may cover the treatment up to a certain amount.

It is a simple treatment plan that will take the doctor minutes to complete. You will look and feel better than ever before. Hopefully, your questions have been answered, and you have chosen to move forward with the Hyperdilute Radiesse treatment.

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